After about two-three years of not hearing my favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, play their music live, I finally got to see those babes again. A sold out, standing room only show was put on in the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois. Even though the host venue wasn't the best when it came to the security and lines, 5SOS didn't disappoint since those men know how to put on a show.

The four Australian lads sang songs off their new album, "YoungBlood" plus old songs. And I singing and dancing my heart out. I'm pretty sure once the lads got to "Why Won't You Love Me" on the setlist, my voice was a goner but I refused to stop. Hearing their music live, or anyone's music live one of the best experiences of my life. Being able to feel the beat all the down to your feet, and having the artist rocking out on stage while everyone sings their heart out is a surreal experience.

But, why is it that live music is much better than the clear, studio version?

For starters, we get to actually see the artist get into their music. On the record versions, we don't get to see the passion, the head bangs, none of the expressions that went into the song. When you are at a concert, you get to see all that, even when you're stuck in the way back thanks to the gigantic screens displayed on the sides.

With live music, you get to see all the extra feeling throughout the song. I love being able to see the artist get so lost in the beat or lyrics of their music to where they jam out as hard as the crowd is jamming out.

The drummer of 5SOS, Ashton Irwin, is absolutely insane to watch him jam to the songs. Here I am, standing up in the balcony wings mimicking the drum beats while he is going full fledge beast mode on the drum kit. After the first few songs, he actually broke one of the drums and had to get it fixed real quick.

And live music I feel as if I hear more of the smaller details than I do in the recorded version. Obviously, artist change up song chords and beats during live performances but they make the smaller details extra to where it's more obvious to catch at the concert.

The guitar riffs? Extra long with more chord changes at the concert because they want you to feel the music so far down into your soul that you basically want to cry with the overwhelming emotions. At least, that is how I feel at first. The small note change in a certain lyric? Even more beautiful than the original, studio version. Please break my heart some more of the beautiful changes you keep making throughout the setlist.

And let's not forget how more included, and whole you feel during and after the concert. You get to sing to your heart's desire, with people who love the artist(s) and the music as much as you while getting to see the artist(s) put all the passion possible into their songs.

To me, there is nothing more content than the feeling of live music reaching so far down into your soul that you are still feeling it days later.