"This could be the first generation of children in the United States that lives less than it's parents" -Forks Over Knives

Yes, you read the title correctly and yes, you read that quote correctly. In the United States most of our leading causes of death such as heart disease (#1), cancer (#2), stroke (#5), and diabetes (#7) can be prevented by choosing better options at the grocery store.

Two out of three of us are overweight. Diabetes is skyrocketing. Every year billions and billions of dollars are made by the healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies. There are so many people in the US on medications or doing treatments for these leading causes of death that easily could've been prevented or in some cases reversed they just don't know about it.

All of these leading causes of death are built on the foundation of poor nutrition. So when your mom told you "eat your fruits and vegetables" when you were younger, she was right. I know when my mom reads this she's definitely going to send me a text saying "I knew I was right!". So yeah, thanks Mom.

So the question is: do you want to battle heart disease? How about cancer? Or a stroke? Or diabetes? Of course you don't!

The answer is simple: choose better foods at the grocery store. Think about it this way--you want to plant flowers. You love these flowers. So you plant them in the corner of your garden that's dark and has gravel. Then you continuously pour grease on them. You love these flowers and you want them to grow but they're dying. Much like flowers, our bodies react in similar ways however much slower. If you have a good foundation, or "soil", for your body and nurture it correctly, then you will thrive. By choosing good food choices at the grocery store, you won't have the gravel & grease problem.

Choosing good food choices at the grocery store can be very confusing. The simplest answer that I can give to you is to just shop the perimeter of the store (basically the produce, meat, and dairy sections). Cut out all the aisles in the middle. Now I know that's always the most practical, but even just incorporating this more into your existing food choices would be very beneficial. If you have a family history of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes it's heavily recommended that you make this switch in your diet asap.

The top causes of death can be easily avoided, prevented, or reversed by that bite of food on your fork and that all starts at the grocery store. So if you could avoid all these problems why wouldn't you?