9 Types of People That Make Cashiers Hate Their Lives
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9 Types of People That Make Cashiers Hate Their Lives

Grocery store antagonists

9 Types of People That Make Cashiers Hate Their Lives

I can sense them. All of us can. I like saving money just as much as the next person but if you come with a handful of coupons and hover over us making sure I get all of them, I will strongly dislike you. Also, don't get mad when a coupon is not accepted. Reading the fine print is not all that difficult so don't yell at the cashier when they do.

People who yell at the cashiers for a sale price not coming up properly.

Listen, we don't know every sale going on in the store. Don't get angry, just ask about it. But don't get mad if we have to go get a manager or someone to check on that.

People that put stuff they don't want in the candy, magazine rack, or soda cooler.

Just hand it to the cashier. Seriously. We know where to put it. Don't throw that unwanted pack of bacon in the soda cooler because we will probably have to throw it out and then we get scolded for not noticing it sooner.

People who talk on their cellphone.

Read that again. Please. Its incredibly rude. What I think is worse is when someone is on the phone and then acknowledges to the person on the other line that they are in line and probably should not be on their phone but continue to stay on their phone anyway. If you must talk on the phone, so be it, but don't get mad if I bag something "improperly" because you were preoccupied and not paying attention.

People that grab things out of the cashier's hands.

Behind the register is the cashier's personal bubble. Don't infiltrate it, and DEFINITELY avoid grabbing things out of their hands.

People who go in the cashier's line when their light is off.

Listen, I understand you might be in a hurry but a cashier shutting their light off is the little bit of satisfaction they get in the day. Whether it is to go home, go on break, or just use the bathroom. We're human too, and it can be hard to say no but don't get angry when we do turn you down.

People who leave their groceries and don't come back for them.

I don't know about anyone else but I have encountered quite a few people who said they just had to run out to their car for money and then don't come back. I know its probably embarrassing to come back and say "Oh I don't have enough" or "Oh I left my wallet at home" but it's okay, just telling the cashier your situation will make them much more understanding then them getting scolded later on for having a whole cart of groceries sitting there or stuff on the belt with other customers waiting in line. That also goes both ways, if you are waiting in line, do not get mad at the cashier for simply waiting for the person that is being checked out to come back.

Parents that scream at their children in line.

I'm all about proper parenting but screaming at your child in line at the grocery store is not the way to go. Reprimand them but keep it at a minimum, causing a scene won't teach them a lesson. It is honestly uncomfortable for everyone involved. Leave for the car ride home, please.

People who throw the money on the belt.

It's really tempting to throw their change on to the belt but we'd probably lose our job. It isn't difficult to just hand it to them.

People who get pissed when you can't break their big bill.

"I guess it's free"

I don't make the rules. I get the money drawer I'm given. Don't bring a $100 bill for a $20 order. But if you really must, then please be patient while they wait to get your change. Yelling at the cashier won't get the money in your hand any faster.

The universal saying that makes every cashier in the world want to just bang their head on the register over and over. Just please do not ever utter those words. The technology sucks and sometimes barcodes suck and don't work but trust me it won't ever be free and it isn't funny.

Don't get me wrong, there truly are some very rude cashiers out there, but for the most part there are some genuinely nice workers who are just trying to make the horrid task of grocery shopping as painless as possible. We are paid to work with you and for you, so try and repay us in the little ways.

Something as simple as being polite and reasonable will make shopping seamless. If the cashier tries to engage you in conversation, don't be afraid to reciprocate. Sometimes we are trying to take our minds off that last customer from hell or the fact that our feet are killing us. Our job is important too, so don't belittle them for what we do. There will always be something to complain about but taking it out on a cashier who is stuck behind a register for hours on end and most likely has no say in what goes on will solve nothing.

Be kind the next time you go shopping and good karma will definitely follow.

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