My Heart Is Heavy For The Missing Loved Ones This Holiday Season

My Heart Is Heavy For The Missing Loved Ones This Holiday Season

The holidays can be tough alone, missing certain loved ones can be another battle to face.


Heartache is heavy.

It comes spontaneously. You never seem to know how to prepare yourself. One can set up barriers and shields to protect themselves beforehand to prevent any kind of pain. But regardless of how strong you are, the aftermath can affect you in one form or another.

A certain kind of heartache everyone experiences in the duration of their life is a loss. Loss of a friend, family member, or someone of great significance in your life. Everyone navigates different ways to go about finding healing and peace, but there are many times that there is not a simple solution. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's not easy. Sometimes the pain feels so heavy on your shoulders that you don't always know what to do.

I wish I could give a singular piece of advice that would help heal and take away the pain. But what I can do to try to comfort is to remind you that they loved you so greatly. I am sure they held onto you the same way you held onto them. A love like that will never fade away and you will always have that held in your heart, along with all the memories. If you go through your days with little things that remind you of them, know that's them signaling to you that they are still around. It's the little things that you will always be able to hold onto, that will never go away.

Another important piece of advice is to let yourself go through the emotions. Allow yourself to grieve in whatever way grants you the most peace. We all grieve in different ways and through different amounts of time. Don't suppress any feelings. I cannot stress that enough. Suppressing my feelings and not allowing myself to go through all the waves of emotions made it a lot harder for me to grieve. Allow yourself to feel everything, and then try little by little each day to recoup yourself. Even if it's making your bed and working out as your main objectives of the day, having goals like that for each day will help move forward and take care of yourself. It's very easy to lose yourself experiencing loss, continue to still make yourself a priority especially during the seasons.

Commemorate their life and celebrate it. Some ways to do this is doing little things in their honor, whether it be wearing their favorite sweater or framing a picture of the two of you. Keeping a little piece of them with you throughout the day will give you a certain kind of peace that although we may not see it, they are always around. Spread the love you receive and love dearly the people you have in your circle. Every relationship holds value, and let them know they hold value to you.

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15 Reasons Your Grandpa Might Be The Greatest Person In Your Life

He loves you so much.

Grandpa. The goofy old guy who has been with you since you were born. Maybe he lives close or maybe he lives far. Maybe he's quiet and reserved or maybe he's a complete goofball. Maybe you see him all the time or maybe he's up there watching over you. No matter the circumstance, it is important to realize that he's probably one of the best people in your life.

1. He's hilarious

Nobody can make you laugh harder than grandpa. Whether it's a hot take on a sports game or a great story, he's always there to make you crack up.

2. He's smart (and knows more than you've ever known in your lifetime)

You think you know a lot... And then you talk to grandpa. I'm telling you, this man knows everything you know times a million.

3. He raised your mom or your dad well

You may have some pretty incredible parents... Well, guess who raised them? Your grandpa is half of the reason your parent is as amazing as they are... That deserves a lot of credit and appreciation.

4. He lets you eat the good stuff

As a kid and now. As a kid, you'd get all the candy or snacks you wanted and we just kept it between us. Even now, half a quart of ice cream for each of us is a quality snack at grandpa's house.

5. He has shown you what true, beautiful love is

Whether your grandma and his partner in crime is still here or is watching over you, the love they've had for longer than your parents have even been alive is an inspiration. Since you were a child, you've had some pretty amazing role models to look up to.

6. He has however many grandkids and still keeps up with you

Whether you're the only grandkid or 1 of 30, somehow he always stays up to date about what's going on in your life.

7. He's genuinely interested in your life

You never have to feel like you're talking grandpa's ear off about your new job, your school or your relationship. He's all ears because he truly cares about you.

8. And swears to hunt down any person who hurts you

If you haven't got the "I'll kill anyone who hurts you" spiel from your grandpa, I think he's grandpa-ing wrong. You can cross me. You probably can't cross dad, but if you happen to slip through the cracks, you will not cross grandpa.

9. He's been there for all of your milestones

Whether it was your elementary talent show or your high school graduation, he's been there to watch you.

10. His job is just to love you

Grandparents' job as a whole is to love and spoil their grandkids. It makes sense why it is considered the best job in the world... And your grandpa is probably really good at it.

11. And he might be your biggest fan

No one cheers louder or high fives you harder than your grandpa, no matter if you're playing a sport or playing the piano. He is your number one fan and it is important everyone knows it.

12. He's known you your whole life

He's watched you go from a tiny baby to the incredible person you are now. And hopefully, he knows that a lot of who you are now is because of him.

13. He'd do anything for you

Name it and he'll do it. That's what people who love you like a grandpa loves their grandkid do.

14. He always has a smile for you

Sometimes your parents get mad at you and they're not happy to see you. No one is 100 percent excited to see you every time they see you... Except grandpa.

15. He loves you so incredibly much

The biggest and best reason he is so amazing is that he loves you. Unconditionally, always. You don't get a lot of those people in your life, so it is important to cherish them and love them back as strong as you can.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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16 Ways To Save Money So Your Bank Account Can Bounce Back From The Holiday Shopping

Rake it up.


Buying for mom, dad, siblings, and everyone in between can put a real damper on the bank account. If you are struggling with a low checking account then check out these ways to stack up on the savings so you can bounce back after all of the shopping you did for your loved ones (and yourself)!

1. Take your lunch to work.

And don’t try to justify your need to leave the office with treating yourself to lunch.

2. Cancel/pause subscriptions.

By logging onto your online account, place any subscriptions that you could do without for the month on pause and save yourself some money.

3. Shop at a cheaper grocery store.

It’s a known fact that Target is a little costly compared to Fry’s, WinCo, and Walmart. While the shopping experience at Target is irreplaceable, the deals are seriously stacked at these stores.

4. Use coupons.

The girl that you gave your email address to at the register was right. There’s some pretty good coupons, not only in there, but in downloadable apps and the newspaper.

5. Wait before you buy.

Impulse buys are the ones we most regret. By waiting 30 days, you can see if the itch is gone and if not, then hey, treat yourself!

6. Clean up.

You might be sitting on a pile of money right as we speak! Clothing stores and jewelry buyers are a great way to make some extra cash!

7. Focus on a budget.

Sticking to a budget and tracking the different ways that you spend could be a great way to see where you could cut down.

8. Know when to buy generic items.

Sometimes, the store brans items are just as good as the one that has a famous commercial attached to it.

9. Bring reusable shopping bags to the store.

Depending on where you shop/live, you may get asked to pay a small fee for shopping bags. Save these cents by bringing a reusable bag into the store!

10. Eat leftovers.

Don’t let your waiter take your full plate of food away that could be tomorrow’s lunch!

11. Take care of your things.

By making sure that your shoes, clothes, and other personal items are in good standing, you could save yourself the need to replace items such as these.

12. Consider your commute.

Ensure that you are taking the best, most cost efficient route to work or school, so that gas isn’t eating at your check.

13. Take shorter showers.

Not to mention, colder showers. Long, hot showers are the worst enemy of the water bill.

14. Know the difference between a need and a want.

Don’t use a coupon just because you have one. This is the best way to guarantee that you’re going to spend money that you didn’t need to spend.

15. Compare prices.

Who has cheaper milk? I don’t know, but that’s where I’m going to be doing the rest of my shopping.

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