"Greenleaf": Trust Me, This Family Is Far From Lucky

"Greenleaf": Trust Me, This Family Is Far From Lucky

This mega church is experiencing some mega problems


If you have never seen an episode of the TV show "Greenleaf", you seriously might want to reconsider.

The TV series premiered last year on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and it was a HUGE hit. I first heard about the show from my grandmother, who was absolutely obsessed with the show. She would talk to me about the show even though I told her several times I have never seen the show.

Just recently, "Greenleaf" became available on Netflix, and I was so excited because I had heard wonderful reviews about the show. Like a typical college student, I rely on Netflix and the internet to remain up-to-date on my TV shows. The show is so good that I can talk about it all day. This show is the definition of drama and scandals. Layers of secrets are revealed with each episode, and it is impossible for the viewer to stop watching.

The show is centered around the prestigious Greenleaf family who lives in a dream mansion that overlooks a serene lake and a forest in Tennessee. Bishop Greenleaf, a mega church leader, is the breadwinner of this elite family. He's a man with a strong, fearful voice, yet he has a caring and comforting personality when it comes to his children and grandkids.

However, this family is far from perfect. 20 years ago, one of Bishop Greenleaf's daughters, Grace (Gigi), ran away from home and never returned...until now due to the sudden death of one of her sisters Faith, who ended up committing suicide. Still, none of her family members knew exactly why Gigi just packed up and left 20 years before.

The reason why Gigi left? Her sister Faith was raped by their Uncle Mack, who was very involved with the family and the church during that time, and he still is. No one believed Gigi about what happened to Faith, except her brother Jacob, who was very young at the time.

After the funeral, Gigi, along with her teenage daughter Sophia, decide to remain in Tennessee and live with several of the Greenleaf family members, including Bishop Greenleaf and Gigi's mother Mae.

The series follows Gigi and her desperate search to get Uncle Mack to discover the truth about the incident with her sister and several other family secrets that come up in the show. In order to know more specifics within the show, you will have to watch it for yourself!

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