Great South Bay Music Comes Back For another Year.
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Great South Bay Music Comes Back For another Year.

This Year's Great South Bay Music Festival Get Some New Faces

Great South Bay Music Comes Back For another Year.
As summer get started, so do the Music Festivals. One of them being Great South Bay Music Festival. I was able to ask the Founder Jim Faith about this years Festival and What to expect!

Cryptic Rock

SJ: How Did the Festival come about?
JF: I grew up in Brooklyn and was influenced by the free Central Park concerts, Prospect Park concerts. They were not only young music lovers, there were families, seniors, old, young everyone, on blankets, enjoying the day in a beautiful environment. Thats what I wanted to create, not just a blues, or jazz, or millennial event.

SJ: What are your expectations for this year?
JF: "Ha, we are expecting great weather, record attendance, historic performances, and everyone having the best time of their lives!
SJ: Anything new added to venue or to the festival?
JF: We've booked bands on Thursday that appeal to a much younger audience like: The Front Bottoms, Thrice, The Get Up Kids etc. That night, 10 bands on two stages, should be a exciting night of music for Indy lovers!

SJ: What should festival goers expect this year?

JF: Great music performed by over 65 bands on 3 stages, legends and emerging cutting-edge artists, a diverse selection of funky and healthy foods, artisans and craftspeople, and right on the water on the magnificent Great South Bay of Long Island.

SJ: Do you have a favorite memory from the festival past or present?
JF: It will always be the moments looking out at the huge crowds and seeing everyone smiling, dancing, grooving to the music and just having a great time. I mean, that's what its all about. Some performances stand out: B.B. King in one of his last performances, Taking Back Sunday and Circa Survive just blowing the doors off everyone. Last year we were excited to learn that we had raised over a quarter of a million dollars with our fundraising efforts. We take a dollar from every ticket and give to cancer research for kids. We also let 6 501c3 organizations set up at the fest to spread the word about their causes, and raise funds.

Patrick Hugehs

SJ: Who are you excited to see this year?
JF: The Front Bottoms on Thursday, Sublime and Dirty Heads on Friday, also a historic concert on Sunday with Allman Brothers co-founder and R&R Hall of Famer Dickey Betts, Little Feat & Hot Tuna. I am also a big jam-band guy and LOVE Umphreys McGee, and It will be their third time back. If you are into jam music, this will be a killer night with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Papadosio. And if you are a Dead head - JGB is on the bill.

Artie Raslich

SJ: Have you ever thought about making it a touring festival especially since Warped is doing it last run this year?
JF: A few years ago, we were speaking to Bethel Woods, and thought it would be cool to give that a shot. But I guess we all got too busy and it fell through the cracks.

SJ: What are some of your favorite past performances/ performers?
JF: Civil Rights icon, musician, Odetta performing our first year. I though that no one would know who she was, but felt that it was important for all to know about her. I was surprised when she filled the tent and got a standing ovation. I'm a lover of legends, B.B. King in one of his last shows, Ritchie Havens, Taking Back Sunday, Kevin Devine, Graham Nash. I love 'em all!

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