4 Great Places To Take Your Dog To In Auburn
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4 Great Places To Take Your Dog To In Auburn

My favorite places to bring my dog to play on the plains.

4 Great Places To Take Your Dog To In Auburn
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The town of Auburn is very dog friendly. The small-town atmosphere allows you to walk to many of your desired locations on the plains and bring your pet with you. Whether it be walking to campus, walking to downtown, or walking to the tailgates on game day.

But, students aren't only limited to bringing their dog along on walks around the town. Auburn students that own a dog, have many places to take their companions. Here are four of my favorite places to take my little dachshund.

1. Martin Luther King Jr. Park

This park is less well known then the other places people usually bring their dogs. The park is located on the corner of W. Glenn Ave and Byrd street. It offers a large grassy area, which is just right to let your dog run around. There is also a shaded pavilion with picnic tables, which is perfect for doing homework while your dog plays. The park also has a water fountain, so you don't have to pack water for you and your pet.

2. The Red Barn

This is one of the most popular places for students to bring their dog to play. This park is actually called The Agricultural Heritage Park and it's located directly across South Donahue residence hall. The park features a large grassy area, picnic tables and a large pond for dogs to swim in. Since this is a popular place for students to bring their companions, you can expect other dogs to be there. This is a great way to socialize your pet and spend time outdoors.

3. Kiesel Park

This dog park is located on Chadwick Lane. It features a green space for dogs to run around and play off their leashes. This park also has a garden, a pond and a 2.25 mile walking trail. This park is a great place for not only your dog to get exercise, but you can get a work out as well. Going on a run with your dog on the trail or even just walking is a great way to burn some calories.

4. Chewacla State Park

This state park is a beautiful place to take your dog and friends to. Whether you plan to have a picnic by the waterfall or you plan on hiking through the 696 acres, there is always something fun to do when you go to Chewacla. Since this is a state park, there are many trees for you to set up an Eno hammock and hang out with your pet. There is also a shallow creek that your dog could safely play in.

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