Thank You.

A simple phrase that is terribly underrated. "Thank You" means that you recognize and appreciate what someone else has done for you or someone else. For some reason I always hear people say how thankful they are for a certain person, but they don't tell it to the person they are speaking about, they tell this to someone else. This is a problem because you can be thankful for someone or something, but unless you make said person or thing aware, they may never know how you really feel. If you are thankful, make it known, because it may be just what someone needs to hear to keep going.

Some jobs are thankless, and it can be difficult to put in effort when you feel that it goes unnoticed. Think of a time when you felt under appreciated for a certain task that you did, wouldn't you have loved it if someone took the time to tell you how much it meant to them? The answer is yes, a job is always easier to do when you feel recognized for it. People will put in more effort and take care when doing their work if they know that it will impact someone positively. If someone or something made your day more pleasant or helped you achieve a goal, then make sure you give thanks because the world runs on gratitude.

Giving thanks does not have to be extravagant or inconvenient, it just needs to be genuine. For instance, if a barista at your favorite café always makes you feel welcomed and comfortable, then you can say thank you by baking cookies, writing an email to their manager about their service, or leaving a simple note. Showing gratitude does not have to be formal or difficult, simply saying "Thank You" to someone who holds the door for you is a lot more than some people do.

If you want to challenge yourself to give thanks more often, then start carrying a small bag of Thank You cards around with you wherever you go. Leave a Thank You note for restaurant servers, friends, good samaritans, or a teacher. Giving thanks feels good, and it makes others feel even better. You never know when receiving recognition will change someone's life, so start saying "Thank You" at every opportunity you get.