Graduation cords need to continue to be used!

Why is this even a question? The whole purpose of the graduation cords is to recognize what programs and achievements students have been involved in or achieved. They're a symbol to show others something the students are proud of.

The biggest argument most people that are against the cords make is,

"It puts everyone on an equal playing field and doesn't show more favor to one student." They want everyone on an equal playing field so it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel any less important.

People who don't want the cords also argue, "At the end of the night everyone is getting the same diploma so why does it matter if we recognize others for groups they're a part of if they have the same result."

Of course, at the end of the night, the end result is the same for everyone. The thing that needs to be noticed is how each student got there and what they did to get that diploma.

My argument is...

Graduation cords make people work. The people that receive cords had to have completed something good enough for them to want it in the first place. I am in NHS, Science Club, GOCAPS (a job shadowing and study program on a collegiate level), top 10% of my class, and more.

I deserve a cord at my graduation. I have worked hard for my spots in those organizations and I deserve to be acknowledged for it. There are people who graduate high school that contained a D- all four years of high school and do the absolute bare minimum.

However, for the people who have outstanding grades, amazing attendance, are in many clubs and groups, etc, need to noticed and appreciated. Not to mention the cords are something the graduate can keep and have memories along with that cord for a lifetime.

Just like decorating a graduation cap, the cords are a personal thing that graduates earn and deserve.