15 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas For Inspiration
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15 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas For Inspiration

I asked fifteen people to pick a graduation cap that stood out to them. The responses consisted of tying in parents, tv shows, childhood memories, and comical messages.

15 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas For Inspiration

With graduation quickly approaching, students have to keep the main tasks to be done in mind: pack up all your belongings, secure the job you want, pass your classes, and of course, find the perfect graduation cap decoration that fits your style.

If you Google "Graduation Cap Decorations" over 4.7 million different websites and photos come up. So I asked myself "What makes individuals choose the design for their graduation cap?" I asked fifteen students to find a graduation cap decoration that fits his/her style or life story and explain why he/she picked that specific one... here are the responses I received.

1. "Every year we move on to the next stage in our educational careers, however, over the summer I cannot help but realize that all of the information we spent months and hard work earning, slowly fades away. This graduation cap spoke to me because of it really does feel like I do not remember any of the information myself" -Zachary Matheney

2. "Due to the high rising rate of tuition within colleges, I am sure my debt will continue to increase each year I stay in college. Graduation is a high accomplishment in life, but it comes with a price tag that will follow you until it is paid off." -Sarah Purvis

3. "I am going to be graduating, which is a huge success in life, but the hard part has not started. As soon as I graduate, I will be looking for a career straight away". -Jonathan Teal

4. "I chose this graduation cap because it is full of art and has a comedic message within the design." -Nhu Vo

5. "NSYNC has been an all time favorite band of mine. This design contains a funny reference and is not too serious, it is important to keep comedy in people's lives in order to keep going." -Lena Benson

6. "I like this cap because I like Spongebob and he is making the face I make when I take tests. -Jack Dyles

7. "Kayne West inspired me throughout college because his lyrics taught me to always believe and trust in yourself" -Zachary Rodar

8. "Knowledge is power and nothing will feel more powerful and accomplished than earning a degree." -Zoe Quinn

9. "I chose this graduation cap because it is a representation of a cartoon that was present during many college students' childhoods. This design would be humorous and heartwarming to the students of this generation, and also represents the four years of college being completed." -Tait Barksdale

10. "Here is the graduation cap that catches my attention. I like it because Dr. Suess was a big part of my childhood and it not only has a good message in the book, but it also has a good meaning for growing up and is encouraging. I also like the art on the cap, being I have been doing art for many years." -Michaela Thordarson

11. "I chose this because it was my favorite book as a kid. The literal meaning of the book was for when you graduate college and go into a different world of the 'unknown' since you are considered independent after you graduate and figure everything out yourself." -Arthur Fortune

12. "I would decorate my graduation cap with this design because I like to hike and it correlates to milestones in life. The hardest things you work for always have the greatest benefits. I see that in my personal and my academic life." -KATH

13. "The Office is typically my go-to show after a stressful week of classes, so I think it is the best way to leave the stressful years of classes behind." -Brooke Berry

14. "My parents made a lot of sacrifices and put in a ton of effort so that I could have a proper education. One day, I want to be able to return all of the love that they have given to me." -Hoanghna Vo

15. "I like this graduation cap because Quizlet is extremely crucial and has been a helpful website for college, especially if there is already one made for your exam... that's clutch." -Sara Boscarino

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