Got Goals? Here is one easy way to get closer to reaching them each day

Got Goals? Here is one easy way to get closer to reaching them each day

Because... you should be working towards them!


Do you have certain goals that you are aiming to accomplish? Or are you the type of person to live each day without a certain goal in mind?

Well, setting goals keeps you moving in life. When you have goals, you are creating your path towards success. This is because you will be striving for more in life and you will be reaching closer to those specific goals each day.

Ever since I started setting goals and working towards them, I have seen a huge improvement in my life.

Not only with getting things done but also with my self confidence. Each time I get something done, my self-esteem feels like it has been raised just because I feel proud of myself.

So, how do I do this?


Take It 1 Day At A Time

Whether it is a big or a small goal, I am constantly striving to achieve it. No matter how hard it may seem.

Yes. It may sound crazy because your goal may be huge and seem so far from where you are at now, but you must start somewhere.

You must take that first jump and start moving towards it.

I mean, you can't forget...

"Good things take time."

So, my best advice is to take it 1 Day At A Time.

Once you do take that jump and get started, things will begin to get much clearer and even more exciting!

Having a large goal may seem overwhelming, complicated, and leave you feeling stressed.

But the good news doesn't have to be this way!

If you begin to move towards your goals in little steps each day, you will see a large amount of progress completed overtime.

You can not look straight at the finish line. But instead, you must make small goals or critical tasks for yourself each day that will help you move towards your overall goal.

For example:

A big goal of mine was to graduate with my Associates Degree for free.

Looking at this as a whole, made me feel and seem crazy.

But my sophomore year of high school, I began to take college credits over the summer. I took class by class for the next two years until I was a senior. I studied extra hard, had to turn down some plans, and even got a tutor for one of the classes.

But after two years of hard work, patience, and dedication. I received my first college degree at the age of 17, before I even got my high school diploma. And I saved over 6,000 dollars because I was dual-enrolled.

My dad :)

This was totally worth it!

So how did I do it?

I worked each day on something small that would help me reach towards my bigger goal.

If your goal is to lose some weight, you must start somewhere.

This can be an example of your goals for one week that will help you reach your overall goal after some time.

Sunday - Run a mile

Monday - Bike 30 minutes

Tuesday - Rest Day... but don't eat any sweets and only drink water

Wednesday - Play a full game of beach volleyball

Thursday - Dance to your top 10 favorite songs with high-energy

Friday - Swim 15 laps

Saturday - Get a HIIT workout in

Don't like running ? Try these alternative methods and grab my FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge.


But you get the point... right??

Setting small goals for yourself each day WILL get you to your end goal.

If you put in the work, you WILL receive the outcome.

Keep Going...Don't Stop

It is very important that you realize the importance of having goals, setting them, and working towards achieving them. By doing this, you will turn your visions into reality. As well as, boost your own self-confidence because you are putting in work to achieve what you want to do.

But, if you are having some trouble with setting, organizing, and implementing goals. I would be more than happy to help you for FREE with a one-on-one coaching session, to help guide you with your goals on my blog.

If not, then just keep doing you...

Keep striving for success my friends!

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To The Guy Who Treats His Girlfriend Like An Option, Remember She Doesn't NEED You, She  Chose You

She shouldn't have to fear that you've started talking to someone else.


The first thing you need to realize is that she doesn't NEED you, she CHOSE you

You need to understand the difference between the two.

She's the kind of girl who would be more than okay on her own. She's always been the independent kind. The girl who is there for everyone, but not for herself. She's the girl who would cut off her own arm if someone was in need.

She makes sacrifices for the people that least deserve it. She cares too much for her own good. She's the kind of person who doesn't let people in very often. Trust is the most challenging thing for her.

Yet, here you are, and I hope that you appreciate that because letting people in isn't easy for her.
I hope that you know that she will do anything for you. I hope that you know that she loves you with every fiber in her being.

She's been used. She's been taken advantage of. She's been lied to. She's been cheated on, and here she stands with her head held high standing before you, wanting to build a future.

But she's not sure that you're in this as much as you say you are. You stopped doing the things you did when you first met her. And that's not fair.

She needs to feel appreciated.
She needs to feel loved.
She needs to feel wanted.
She needs to feel like your girlfriend.

It's your job to make her feel like all of those things, the same way she does for you. If you cannot do that, then buddy you need to take your hands off another man's future.

She shouldn't have to repeatedly tell you what's going on if its the same issue. She shouldn't have to tell you how to fix what you're doing wrong; it's your own job to make it up to her. She shouldn't have to keep spelling it out for you because the truth is if you love her as much as you say, you will do anything to make it better.

She shouldn't have to fear that maybe you have lost interest.

She shouldn't have to fear that you've started talking to someone else.

She shouldn't have to fear to want to tag you in something on social media because of your "privacy" (You should want to show her off.)

She shouldn't have to fear the many female friends that she has.

Yes, maybe she's a little insecure, but given all of the things she's been through, she's earned the right to be.

So if you really care about her as much as you want her to believe you do, then you need to let your actions take over, and stop with the words. Ever heard the saying actions speak louder than words?

So try harder, or walk away because the girl deserves so much more than what you're doing to her.,

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When It's Time to Talk About It

How to know when you need to speak up about your struggles.


I know we've all heard the saying, "it's okay not to be okay." But sometimes it just doesn't feel that easy. There's a fear that comes with bringing it up, whatever it is, in general. We want someone to know because it needs to be talked about, but speaking about it would mean that person is worrying, and that's a whole different issue to deal with.

If you can relate to this at all, I'd like to start by saying this: Stop worrying about other people. This is about you. Everyone else will be okay. Also, you don't have to spill your guts every time. I feel like there is this weird pressure that is attached to opening up. We think that we have to give every little detail about everything. Just say what you're comfortable with sharing. If more comes out, then that's great. If you're still processing your feelings yourself, that's okay.

While I don't think it's healthy to bring our issues to every single person in our lives, there's something to be said about the positive effects of verbal processing with one or two trusted people. There's also a lot at risk when we decide to hold it all in.

The worst is when we lash out at the people we love, especially the ones that we want to tell why we're having a hard time in the first place. I know that I even start to get angry at that person, as if they should somehow already know I'm struggling, also though I haven't said anything to them about it. Now an entirely separate issue has been created.

I usually know it's time to talk to someone about what's on my mind when it won't seem to leave my mind. If a thought starts to become a distraction, it needs to exit my mind and be out in the open. I do this because honestly, I don't trust myself to think soberly on some topics. Unfortunately, my mind has the power to deceive. I am just thankful for wise people that I believe in pulling me back into right thinking.

I can become so fixated on a thought, and convince myself that whatever I'm thinking is right. Then, once the words leave my mouth, I want to grab them from out of the air before they land on my confidante's ears. Fortunately, she has my back at all times and would not judge me for my thoughts. In the end, I'm always happy it's out there so that she can help me redirect my thinking. We need each other for that.

It's said often in the Christian community, "you're not meant to do life alone." I believe this completely. I'm just directly in need of other people. I'm glad other people need me, too. We're in this together, so don't be afraid to share what you're going through. Who knows, you might help someone else out, too.

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