Dear Summer,

I'm going to miss you so much. Now that you're gone, that means fall is here, and then winter will be here soon. You have always been my favorite season. I tend to get tied up with school related activities, so it was nice to have 3 months to relax. I never know what to expect from you summer, but every year you never fail to be interesting.

This was a very special summer for me because, this was the summer before my senior year of college.

This summer was my busiest summer, since I did an internship and worked my other job. While I didn't get to travel like I normally do every summer, I was able to work 65+ hours a week, and make a ton of money. I formed many new connections and relationships that made this summer even more meaningful. I was able to go to the beach several times, and spent a lot of time with my siblings, which is always fun.

Even though I did have 3 months to enjoy you, it did go by very fast and I wish it hadn't. Now it's back to reality, and time to get back into the school and work schedule. Why does every summer always have to fly by? It seems like all of the other seasons tend to stick around for a longer time.

Thank you for being an interesting and eventful summer. As I prepare for fall and winter, I'll have to hang onto the summer memories I made. As for Summer 2019, I have big plans for you and can't wait for them to happen. Please be nice to me, be fun with lots of eventful memories, and feel free to actually stay awhile.

Summer 2019 hurry up and come!