My birthday is on June 24, which means that my zodiac sign is the notorious Crabby Cancer. I might be a little bias, but cancers are freaking awesome. In the past, I've heard all the negative comments about my zodiac sign: "Oh you must be super sensitive." or "That means you are moody." For people born a Cancer (as they have a birthday from June 21- July 22), they probably have heard some of the same stuff. But that doesn't mean that being a Cancer is all bad. The following is a list of the best things about being born a Cancer.

1. We are empathetic.

Cancers often get a bad rap for being "too sensitive." However, this only means that we care about people who we are close to, and we care about other people's feelings. Just because we care, doesn't mean it's its a bad thing. The world needs people who care like Cancers do. Cancers will go out of their way to see your perspective, so to better understand you. And they will do generous things for you out of the blue, not because they have to, but because they want to see you smile.

2. We are good listeners.

Cancers can sometimes be quiet, but that just makes them a good person to talk to. Have a problem that you want to talk to someone about it? Cancers are the perfect people to turn to when you want a listening ear. Oftentimes, my friends come to me to talk about their problems, and I'm happy to listen and try and give them advice.

3. We are the perfect planners.

I love planning trip with my friends, and I'm usually the one to do the planning. Even though, I know I can be a little bossy, I'm doing what I think will be best for everyone. Cancers are usually very detailed oriented and organized, so they are great at planning events and trips.

4. Our loyalty is unmatched.

Cancers are fiercely loyal and protective of people they care about. As long as my friends have proven that they can be trusted, I stay loyal to them. And if a friend is having a bad day or is upset about something that someone did, Cancers try to do what they can to make them feel better.

5. We're better than you think at reading people.

Cancers usually pick up pretty quick on other's emotions. So don't even try to hide your feelings, the Cancer will already know, and they will patiently wait until you feel comfortable enough to open up. This also means that they are good at listening to their "gut-feelings." If a Cancer friend has a bad feeling about that creep that you are talking to in the bar, they will be the first to pull you away and make their concerns known. Cancers are often always looking out for their friends and loved ones.

6. We are some of the most imaginative people you know.

Cancers like to dream a lot, and they have a big imagination. This makes them great writers and artists. Things that allow them to be imaginative and creative, and things that allow Cancers to flourish.