12 Encouraging Stats About The Coronavirus
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12 Stats About Coronavirus Your Nerves 100 Percent Need Right This Minute

All hope is not lost!

12 Stats About Coronavirus Your Nerves 100 Percent Need Right This Minute

A lot has changed in the last week regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The United States went from cautious optimism to full-blown panic in many states, encouraging individuals to work from home, stay off public transit, and practice social distancing. No matter where you live, the tension is increasing as people stock up for possible quarantine and spread coronavirus-induced anxiety across social media.

All this to say, the state of the world has provided an opportunity for communities to rally together (while staying apart) and show us just how important it is to support one another. While many COVID-19 stories are full of troubling stats and terrifying possibilities, there are stats and stories that can bring hope to your day!

1. More than 70,000 people have already recovered from COVID-19. 

According to the World Health Organization, a vast majority of the people who are infected with coronavirus have mild symptoms and fully recover in about two weeks.

2. Scientists are making progress in COVID-19 research

While there is no confirmed vaccine for COVID-19, scientists and medical researchers around the world are working hard to develop a treatment plan. They have found how the coronavirus enters a person's immune system, which is a significant piece of information in creating treatment.

3. Italy, currently at peak quarantine time, is keeping their sense of togetherness with music

Italy is ahead of the United States in the COVID-19 timeline. The Italian people are quarantined inside their homes and need a pass to exit their front door. This doesn't mean all joy is lost though. This video is circulating Twitter and for good reason — we could all use a little music right now!

4. Many school districts are continuing to provide meals to students, even while schools are closed 

Most school districts within the U.S. are facing temporary closure, meaning that children who receive food during the school day could be facing hunger. Districts all over the U.S. (Illinois, Utah, and Michigan are all examples of this) are working to make sure these kids are still fed.

5. People in Seville are staying fit together

Spain, another country under considerable lockdown, is keeping in shape as citizens in Seville workout from their balconies. Sure, quarantine means getting creative, but there's no reason you can't exercise!

6. China has offered to help other countries minimize virus outbreak

As China has gone ahead and dealt with a lot of "firsts" surrounding the coronavirus, they're the people who are best suited to help the rest of us get it together. Thankfully, they have been very generous with their knowledge and resources, offering to assist any countries who need their help.

7. The House has passed a coronavirus economic relief plan 

In light of the people who will be out of work and facing financial hardships because of this virus, the House has passed an economic relief plan that dedicates billions of dollars to paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, free testing, and other measures that will help the American people.

8. Penguins are enjoying some free time

They're just over there living their best little freedom lives. Good for the penguins!

9. Every state in the US currently has testing abilities

While tests for COVID-19 aren't something you can pick up at your local Walmart, the U.S. can now say that tests are available (at the discretion of medical professionals) in each state.

10. Canadian grocery stores are opening early for the sake of senior shoppers

As grocery stores are facing panic shopping at a new high, negatively impacting senior shoppers who need a little more room and a little less panic. Thankfully, a grocery store in Canada saw this need and is fixing it by opening an hour early for senior shoppers and senior shoppers only!

11. Everyone can help this virus stop with washing their hands, practicing social distancing, and cleaning their house

The CDC is on top of all things coronavirus prevention. They've even provided a thorough guide on how to clean your home in the wake of sickness! While the situation may feel out of control, there are some things you can do to control your environment.

12. Dogs can't get the coronavirus

Your furry friends are safe. Thank God.

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