The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of E3 2019

So it's that time of year when gamers rejoice and get together to experience the greatness that is E3. For those who don't know, E3 is a gaming convention where different gaming companies and publishers come together to display their games and consoles that they plan to release in the upcoming months or year. Now I don't know about everyone else, but this E3 has my hype level a lot higher than last year's convention. With that being said, there were some things that I didn't like as well. There also were some things about the conference that could've been better.

So, I decided to categorize my feelings into the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good

For starters, I loved the games that were announced, and some of them release this year. I can't wait to get my hands on "Borderlands 3," "Phantasy Star Online 2," "Watch Dogs Legion," and so many more titles.

However, for conferences like Xbox, for example, I wish that more gameplay was shown instead of just game trailers, but you can't get everything you want at E3, so that's how it goes. I enjoyed almost every conference, and they seemed to have no mess-ups or computer errors like last year, so that's a big improvement.

The bad

Continuing on with the bad, there aren't really any bad games that got announced. Sure there were a couple that didn't have my interest, but I'm sure they grabbed somebody else's. Like I said before, I would've liked to see gameplay of the games in action to build to my hype level. Every E3, I create a little list of games that I would like to be announced, but unfortunately, none of them came true. But that's not E3's fault, so I can't hold that against it.

The ugly 

Now there are two things I found ugly about the conference. The first thing would have to be the audience members. There would be one particular person in almost every conference who would scream for no reason whatsoever. Somebody could be talking, and they would scream. That got annoying real fast.

Another part I thought was horrible was that during the Square Enix conference, almost every single game they announced was a PlayStation or a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Not one single game was added to the Xbox. That whole conference was biased, and it was a waste of my time watching it. The only way I would watch it next year is if it was my job to and I had to write an article about it.

Overall, if I had to rate it, I would give this E3 about a 9.5/10. I would just like to see gameplay for the games that were announced.

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