Yes, you read that right. Taking the time to visit a movie theater is way better than streaming a movie at home. Sure there are benefits to doing both, but there's nothing like experiencing a movie on a humongous screen. Here are a handful of reasons to ditch a streaming plan and run to a movie screening at your local theater.

You see the latest movies

Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and more streaming services have exclusives, but it's not the same as seeing a brand new movie that only screens in a theater. Some say "oh, I'll just wait to rent or stream the movie," but movies are great conversation starters. Why wait when everyone is talking about it now? Plus, the Internet is riddled with spoilers. Fight off the party poopers with the satisfaction of seeing the movie, and laugh at those "movie spoilers without context" photo posts. Because you "understood that reference."

Some experiences can't be recreated at home

For some movies, you need to experience them for the first time in a theater. Take 2019's Korean film "Parasite" as an example. The cinematography is so beautiful that it demands to be seen in theaters, and director Bong Joon Ho does a phenomenal job of building tension for a twisty story about a poor family conning a wealthy family.

Name one of your favorite classic movies, and you probably wish you could've watched it on a big screen --- like it was meant to be seen.

Throwback to 'no pausing' for a bathroom break

As the meme goes, modern kids don't realize how helpful a "pause" button is for movies and TV shows. They can't understand the thrill of taking a bathroom break during commercials and rushing back when the show returns. Go to the movies for old times sake. If you don't do your business before the movie starts, you understand why you can't miss a moment.

'But I can't go in my PJs and curl myself in a blanket'

Kind of true. It's not always a cool idea to wear PJs in public, but who really cares? If you're comfortable, that's all that matters. You don't have to dress up to go to the theaters. Sweats or yoga pants are a great substitute. Bring a blanket, take advantage of the delicious snacks at the concession stand or, uh, sneak them in and enjoy.

No friends? No date? No problem

It's true. Seeing a film with friends and family is a lot of fun, but you're practically ignoring each other for about two hours then gushing about how good or bad that movie is. And sometimes dates go south, which sours the movie experience for both of you. But if you watch a movie by yourself in theaters it's an amazing experience. Your focus is on the movie (or your snacks), and it's a great way to take yourself on a date. So the next time a movie premieres, and none of your friends want to go, treat yourself.

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