Taking A Two Hour Road Trip For The First Time
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Taking A Two Hour Road Trip For The First Time

To my destination and back.

Taking A Two Hour Road Trip For The First Time

I will say that this article will contain the most boring drive ever, and exciting Saturday, another boring drive but in the dark, and everything in between.

Now, to give a quick background history, I don't normally drive long distances. The farthest that I have ever driven as well as the longest I have ever driven was whenever I drove to college or even back home. All in that time frame, it makes for an hour and 45-minute trip depending on traffic or if there is construction going on on the turnpike, which there is a lot. But one Saturday I decided to change it up just a little bit.

It was one Saturday where I had nothing to do, and my brother had a marching band competition that weekend also. At Ohio State Stadium in THE Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I go to school at Bowling Green State University, and the nearest major city is Toledo, Ohio. So if you were to look on the Maps app on an iPhone or any map like Google Maps, it made for an over two-hour drive. Which would make this trip the longest trip I've ever driven in my life.

And it would also be the longest solo trip I've ever done Alexa play "Solo" by Jennie of Blackpink. I just really wanted to say that as it popped into my head as I'm writing this article.

So I talked with my mom about it, since she was going to be going down to Columbus to see Joey also, and while she was nervous, she was all for it. The week came and went, and Saturday finally arrived.

Now, the night before I went out with my roommates so I was hungover (one of my roommates was a designated driver and I am 21-years-old before anyone flips). But thankfully, my brother performed at 4:45 p.m. so I didn't have to leave until early afternoon so I slept all day. When it came time for me to leave, I bid my roommates goodbye and was on the road.

Cue the longest and boring solo road trip I will ever have (until another time).

If I thought the trip from my hometown to Bowling Green was boring, going from Bowling Green to Columbus is mostly fields.

Sometimes country roads but my GPS took me down the country roads and through a little town.

Oh, and I also saw an accident before getting on a highway so that was scary in itself.

Nevertheless, I got there in one piece and got to see my old high school perform their show for the first time (I mean it was the first time I saw it in person they performed it many times). I also got to see some old friends and other people and see some other shows.

Now the drive back was similar to the drive there, except for the fact that it was late at night, it was dark and I was tired.

So that was the longest solo trip I've taken in my life so far. I didn't get home until 12:40 a.m. so I pretty much stayed in my pj's all day.

And now I'm writing this article.

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