Here are 15 reasons going Greek has made my fellow Greek peers' and my college experience above and beyond.

1. "By going Greek I came into college with a solid group of friends." -Preston Moore, Freshman

By going Greek, you are exposed to all different types of people. Because you come to college already set in a house, you get to start off your fall semester with a group of brothers and sisters who are there to support you no matter what.

Not only will you have friends in your specific house, but you also get to meet friends in multiple sororities and fraternities through your classes and Greek events.

The Greek community can all bond over things such as homecoming, shows, philanthropy events and the overall factor that we are all in this community together. We all care about our own individual houses, for sure, but we understand that collectively we represent the Greek community as a whole, too, and at the end of the day we try to support each other through that.

Some of your greatest friends could be people outside of your own chapter, and that's something that is ultimately wonderful!

2. "Greek life exposes you to having ultimate time management skills." -Sam Lewallen, Sophomore

Being in Greek life, I think we can all relate to the fact that it takes up a lot of our time.

It isn't just an after class club; it's just what it sounds like: a lifestyle. We all not only have classes, club events, and jobs to attend to outside of our chapters, but we also have in-chapter events and activities that we have to schedule into our daily lives.

By having these commitments to our chapters, Greek students become some of the best managers of time I've ever met.

3. "I've really enjoyed the social aspect of being Greek." Jess Duncan, Freshman

Greek life exposes you to many social situations that other things, such as work and regular classes, do not.

It forces you to communicate through the community as an individual representative for your house. It makes you want to not only represent your house well, but to also be able to make good connections with other houses. By doing so you get to be more engaged in the community, and get opportunities to really expand your horizons by going to other houses events.

4. "We have constant campus involvement." -Caroline Vitanza, Sophomore

Greek life not only gets you involved in the Greek community, but involved on campus as well. You always have sisters or brothers to ask to attend events with you, whether it be something for your specific college or a sporting event, which can lead to you to getting more involved on campus.

Plus, many Greek chapters really encourage getting involved in clubs and study groups for your major! By being Greek you hear about so many campus events from your sisters and brothers that it's almost impossible to not be involved with something on campus.

5. "I've gotten more out of my shell!" -Kamryn Teal, Freshman

Coming into college can be really intimidating and difficult, especially if you don't know many people.

By being involved in the Greek community, many students find themselves more willing to speak up in class and really engage with their peers. This could be because we are constantly surrounded by so many brothers and sisters that not talking to people in a room is slightly weird.

"Being Greek has made me feel more confident and less afraid to really be myself."

6. "I've gotten friends who motivate me to be the best version of myself and constantly push me to strive." -Jessica Schrampfer, Freshman

Greek life surrounds you with a variety of people who all want the same thing: to become people they are proud of. Of course, that means that the Greek community as a whole wants to continue to become better. We strive to push each other and really enforce the idea of becoming people each of us are proud to be.

7. "The unity behind knowing that there's always people that you can go to if you need help." -Patrick Slagle, Sophomore

Greek life is a community that, again, only wants the best for each of its members.

This means there is a constant support system. The sisterhood and brotherhood found in the Greek community is always there to back people up when they have had a rough time. There is a community there to support everyone no matter what, which is truly remarkable!

8. "Brotherhood." -Fred Anderson, Freshman

While this is just one word, it really carries a lot of meaning behind it. "Brotherhood" can stand for the people and the friendships but also for the common philanthropy that each house works to support. Greek life really strives to give back to the community, and it takes a brotherhood--or sisterhood--to do that.

9. "Thanks to my brothers and Greek life, I really feel like I'm prepared for my life." -Dylan Gilbert, Freshman

Greek life exposes you to many connections because of how vast and diverse the community is.

You'll meet so many people inside your college and your own major, making connections that you'll need later on in life. It can help you really make a plan and feel prepared.

10. "The togas." -Carson Teague, Sophomore

We all know that Greeks go all out for events. From the glitter to the signs to all of the t-shirts, Greek life definitely doesn't shy away from having spirit. The Greek community is proud to be Greek and will showcase that at whatever event they are hosting.

11. "By being Greek, I've gotten really good grades." -Colburn Riffel, Freshman

The Greek community isn't all just about friendship. It really makes its members work to achieve the greatest that they can academically. Greeks want to make their campus proud and really work to be academically successful for themselves, their chapters and the community as a whole.

12. "As a senior, I've gotten to see the Greek community grow, and I'm so proud of it!" -Kelsey Lamar, Senior

The Greek community is in a constant state of growth.

Each year, more and more people become involved in it, which is incredible. The community four years ago was different from how it is now, and it will continue to change and become better as it goes on.

It is so valuable to think that as a Greek student, you are having a direct effect on how this community is growing and changing.

13. "Memories to last a lifetime." -Emily Cope, Sophomore

The Greek community engages it students and makes every moment memorable. From recruitment to formals to philanthropy events to just hanging out with your brothers or sisters, every moment of your time being Greek is a memory like no other.

14. "Going Greek has given me the opportunity for leadership." -Allison Gallagher, Sophomore

The Greek community is a community that is constantly providing opportunities to those involved within it. It allows for chances at leadership within not only your own house but also in the overall structure of the community. This lets a diverse group of people get to have chances to lead and gain a skill set that you can't get anywhere else.

15. "I found a family and a home away from home." -Drew Gumins, Sophomore

The Greek community isn't just a community, it is a new home. The people, events, and overall atmosphere that the community provides allow every Greek person involved to find their home away from home for the rest of their lives.