What God Has Been Teaching Me

What God Has Been Teaching Me

Things I have been learning and trying to practice in my life within the past few months.


God has been teaching me so much the past couple of years since I entered college and especially in the past few months. The first thing is the importance of community. I have always been more of an introvert; however, God has really been challenging me to get out of my comfort zone and into a great community of believers. Whether it's going to a game night or attending Cru here on campus, I have noticed such a difference in my happiness and the deepness of my relationships.

The second thing has been that my life is not meant to look like everyone else's. This may sound obvious but I have found it very easy to get caught up in comparison and allow others' accomplishments to make me question the path that I am on. Therefore, reminding myself that God's plan for me is nothing like anyone else's has been so encouraging.

Thirdly, God has taught me that waiting is difficult but definitely worth it. Specifically, in regards to romantic relationships. I have never dated and seeing my friends get married or start dating guys can make me envious and anxious to enter a relationship as well. However, I know that waiting for the man that God is making ready for me will be worth the wait.

Fourth, perfection is unattainable and that is okay. I am real and most of what is portrayed on social media (what I tend to compare myself to) is not! Real is beautiful. Our flaws make us who we are; I know, cheesy, but truly accurate.

Lastly, being vulnerable is a sign of bravery, not weakness. I tend to forbid myself from sharing personal details and feelings with people except for my closest friends. I usually refrain from sharing such information because I am afraid to be an annoyance to others. I have realized over the past few months that being vulnerable isn't something to be ashamed of, but a beautiful thing.

What has God been teaching you?

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Living Away From My Best Friend

13 hours and 17 minutes away


13 hours and 17 minutes. That's about how long it would take me if I dropped everything right now and drove to my best friend. Thanks to technology, being a couple of states away isn't too bad. She's on a screen with a click of a button and we can talk all hours of the day. She's an hour ahead of me, so she tries to tell me the future, and she also brags about it being Christmas sooner. An advantage of her not being here is she can't smack me when I do something dumb, which I tend to do a lot, but we always have something to say since we aren't living the same experiences. There's different gossip, funny/stupid things that happened to us, events, etc. She's not there to break into my room and steal my food. Luckily, she's not here to force me to go shopping and drive me to be poorer than I am. She's there for every decision before I make it. Every Christmas gift sent through the mail is happily received when you realize it's not a bill.

Although it has its advantages of her being far away, it definitely has its disadvantages. There are so many moments where I just wish my best friend was at my side. Every breakup, every accomplishment, every emotionally charged moment, every milestone, every new relationship, every fun experience, every interesting new food, and everything else that we know the other would like. Those days when everything is falling apart and you need someone, a phone doesn't compare to showing up at your doorstep with all your favorite things and watching a movie. It's different celebrating an accomplishment through text when you could be out at your favorite restaurant together. Every new relationship is tough knowing your best friend isn't there to get an unbiased opinion of the person, and to help hide the body when they break your heart. Every moment she doesn't reply, you wonder if something happened to her and if you would be notified if she died.

There isn't a girls' night when I look like a mess. It doesn't make sense when I'm trying to describe someone she's never met. She doesn't know how gross it was that this guy flirted with me or how that piece of that girl's outfit looks terrible on her. We can't have Saturday nights out together or movie nights in. She's not here to wipe the tears of sadness or encourage the tears of laughter. It's impossible to surprise them with anything.

I'm terrible at fashion, makeup, trends, etc. while she knows it all. I know absolutely nothing when it comes to makeup, so it's hard asking for help when she can't color match in person. I can't help her with homework, sports, or art. We can't use our individual talents for each other. All of that is through a screen. A screen that can die. A screen that can malfunction. A little screen is all we rely on.

I guess the thing I've come to realize is that when one of us do go those 13 hours and 17 minutes or so, we definitely have to take advantage of it. We have to have our movie nights and makeovers. We have to blow all our money shopping and getting me all the makeup I had ever ask help for. We have to introduce every person we had previously mentioned through the screen. We have to celebrate all the accomplishments, meet boyfriends, and surprise each other with our favorite things.

Although it sucks being 13 hours and 17 minutes away, if it means keeping our friendship, I'm okay with there being distance.

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