God Changed My Heart And This Is My Testimony
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God Changed My Heart And This Is My Testimony

God awoke my sleeping heart after years of searching.

God Changed My Heart And This Is My Testimony
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I was baptized in second grade after lying to a teacher. I told my mom that I wanted to be forgiven by Jesus. Long story short, my grandfather who is a preacher, baptized me two Sundays later after church. Years went by, I was learning and constantly going to Church with my family. That was until my freshman year of high school. I started dating a guy which became a toxic relationship that made me grow further away from my family, my friends and God.

I went down the wrong path and did things I am not proud of.

After finding myself and finding the guy that I knew I deserved, God awoke my heart that has been sleeping for years. This is my story. This is my testimony.

Fall of 2010 was the beginning of my freshman year of high school. I had just made the JV cheerleading squad and enjoying life with my friends and family. Then, after a few Facebook messages and a few waves in the hallway, this guy asks me to be his girlfriend. And I said yes.

The first year of the relationship was good, then it went downhill all of a sudden. He kept talking to other girls, and well you know the deal, he didn't stop even though he knew how much it hurt me. I didn't trust him at all but I didn't want to leave him.

My family, my friends, and MY TEACHERS didn't want me with him. I felt like as if I was going crazy. Truth be told, I was. But it was because I didn't trust him and I constantly worried to the point that I was making myself sick.

I put him first before my family, my dying grandmother, my friends, God and even myself. I didn't know who I was anymore since I made him my whole world and cared about nothing else. But one day after almost three years of dating, I found out he cheated on me and this time it was different.

This happened LITERALLY 2 weeks after my grandmother died. 2 WEEKS. I broke up with him and I thought my world was falling apart but now I know that God had someone else picked out for me.

But before I go on, I regret not spending more time with my grandmother before she passed away. She was such an amazing, Godly woman and I regret putting a guy that I KNEW I shouldn't be with, before her. There are so many things I wish I could've asked her, the talks I wanted to have, to hear more of her stories about her life, and the Godly advice I would love to have from her right now. But God needed her more than I did and I know that I can't help but be happy for her because she is with our Lord, our God.

After that breakup, I went off the deep end. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, going to parties and lying to my parents about where I was at. I was absolutely not myself and I didn't know who I was. I continued to be this way for at least a year and a half. Until the fall of 2014, my freshman year of college, I met this cute, handsome guy and little did I know that my life was about to change.

This cute, handsome guy and I became best friends and he would constantly take care of me and send me sweet goodnight messages every night when I fell asleep. I started to fall for him and it scared me. He continuously told me he loved me before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then one day, he finally asked and it was the best day of my life.

He changed me into a better and happier person. A person that I always wanted and needed to be. Being loved by him made me want to get my life together and figure out what I want to do with it, to be closer to my family, my friends and to be closer to God.

Friends come and go but my hometown best friends always stayed with me and supported me through everything. I made several friends within the last two years that I now consider forever friends as well. God will always take the people out of your life that is toxic and will leave the ones that you need. And the friends he has put in my life here lately has changed me and they are helping me grow stronger in my faith.

I spent two years trying to get into the nursing school at the college I attend but to no avail. I got all my prerequisite classes done and I knew that all I could do was sit, wait and keep on trying.

At the time I thought it was what my heart wanted but now giving everything to God and letting him take me on the path I need to be on, I learned that nursing is not my calling.

Then, one morning I woke up and realized I need to be in the dental field. That very day, I looked into the dental assisting and dental hygiene programs at community colleges near my area. Within the next week, I was in the curriculum for dental assisting for the spring of 2018 at a community college which is about an hour away from my house. It is only a semester long and I would graduate in May. But then I would apply for the dental hygiene program that started in the fall of 2018.

Throughout the last four years, my parents continuously told me "Gabbi, you would make an amazing dental hygienist. I know you would love it." and I would always disagree with them. But now, with a changed heart courtesy of God, I know now that he was trying to plant a seed.

Tuition money was due very soon. I was waiting to hear back from the educational office to see if I got a scholarship or not.

While waiting, I applied for a bank loan at my bank to see if I could pay for my tuition as a backup plan.

Two days later, still constantly praying and giving my worries to God, the school called and told me that I received a $500 scholarship. They couldn't give me the full scholarship because I did not live in the county region.

Two hours later, I got approved for the bank loan and picked up the money that very day. I was in tears on the phone with my mom, telling her how grateful I was and how good God is.

I knew now that this is what I am supposed to do, that this is my destiny because GOD KEPT PROVIDING.

Three days later, my mom's friend gave me money allowing me to get two nice sets of scrubs for me to wear to my classes and for when I start my career.

After I got them, I sent her pictures of me wearing them and she sent me more money for pocket change.

God knew I was worried about paying for my textbooks with the bills and the new loan I have to pay monthly for. So yet again, he provided when I was least expecting it.

I am so utterly grateful for this woman and God allowing her to help me provide for things he needs me to have.

While all this was happening and going on, I had the most, amazing support group a girl could ask for. All my friends and family were constantly praying for me, my boyfriend continued to support and believe in me, and the most amazing God who kept leading me in the direction I need to be on.

From the person I used to be, from the mistakes I've made, from letting people walk all over me and taking advantage of my heart, I am now the person God has made me to be. I am now the person who wants to glorify our God every day. I am now the person who wants to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them know our God!

God will always provide and lead you to where you need to go. I do not regret the things I went through in this life because all it did was lead me more and more to God. Now, I have a relationship with him. Now, I do not worry about anything because I was not made to worry. I was made to live, to live my life for our God.

God changed my life and my heart. If you have not let him into yours yet, I will gladly help you.

This might be the end of my story, but it's not the end of my testimony.

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