Go Shawty; It's (Almost) Your Birthday

You know one thing I love more than a lot of people in this world?

My birthday.

Yeah, most people under the age of 16 are obsessed with it; 18 and under just kinda like it a lot; and 21 and under are just waiting to hit that milestone to legally do all of the things they've been doing since they were 18 anyway.

But, I'm different. So different in fact that I start a countdown to my birthday 60 days in advance. That's right. 60. For as long as I can remember, everyone within a mile radius of me can enjoy hearing about my birthday 60 days prior to my birthday every single year.

And for some odd reason, it never gets old. Maybe to the people surrounding me it does, but it definitely doesn't get old to me.

It's not just that you're getting another year older on your birthday (because technically it's only a day older); it's the fact that another day has come where the sole purpose should be to celebrate you.

Celebrate the fact that on this day x amount of years ago, you were making your mom suffer as she was bringing you into this world. You are an actual human being on this Earth and that's more than some people have the pleasure of saying.

So enjoy it. Rather than complaining because you're "old" and this year has "brought you one year closer to death" (you technically are one day closer every day you're alive), enjoy it. Make the best of it.

Some people aren't as lucky as you, and who are you to not take advantage of it while you can?

I'm not saying have a 60-day countdown (because let's face it, I'm weird enough as it is and I don't need anyone else picking up on my bad habits), but you should try and enjoy it.

Do something spontaneous. Treat yourself to a special baked good that day (or sixteen).

Buy yourself those pair of shoes that you've been saying "next time" to for the past three months.

Eat whatever you want without caring about how much you'll need to work out the next day to burn it off (*cough cough* I'm guilty of this).


If nothing else, you more than deserve at least one day out of the year to be celebrated.

And if you need someone to help you out or ideas on what you should be doing, I might available.

Because at this point, I only have five days left and I AM SHAKING.

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