In the political climate that we're currently in, it's important more than ever to show up to our local polling place and vote for a growing brighter future. This is not the year for excuses!

1. "My Vote Doesn't Count"

Are you kidding me? Your vote counts more than ever this election. Don't succumb to the stereotype that young people don't vote––this election affects us too. We are going to overturn the poorly made decisions that were done within the last years and make sure things change for the better. Do your research on your local candidates and make a difference. If you vote online for award show ballots on "who the best new artist of the year" will be, you can most certainly vote for governor and other prominent officials. Every. Vote. Counts.

2. "I Don't Have Time"

Oh please, you better make the time to go out and vote this election! Early voting ends November 4th and the absolute last day to vote will be November 6th. Schedule your day accordingly but make sure to review your sample ballots and vote for a change to happen and not this awful nightmare that we're in. If you're worried about not having a ride to your local polling place, Uber has announced an initiative for discounts on rides during the official election day, November 6th. Whatever it takes, get out there and vote!

3. "I Don't Know Where To Go"

Depending on your state, it may vary among different places; schools, churches, etc. They may even change venues depending on whether you're deciding to vote early or not. You can enter your address here and this will show you where your local polling station.

4. "I Don't Know Who To Vote For" 

Easy, you vote for the individual fighting for a better future. Someone who acknowledges the detrimental effect our planet is currently enduring. You vote for the individual who advocates for the equality of everyone. The right for women to make decisions for their own bodies. The right for the LGBTQ community to love, identify, and live their life like anyone else. The right for immigrants to seek a better future, just like what this country was founded upon––diversive opportunities. The right for minorities to feel safe within their own communities. The right for students to attend school and feel safe. Vote for change.

5. "Everything Is Fine" 

If you woke up this morning thinking everything in our country is fine just the way it is, you're not aware enough of what's happening to our country. This is not who we are as a nation and especially not a positive direction we're moving in. Please make a difference by casting a ballot this election season.