17 Glamping Spots On Airbnb For The Chic Outdoor Lover
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These 17 American Glamping Spots On Airbnb Will Get You Booking Your Next Chic Outdoor Vaca ASAP

Camping, but make it glam.

A circular yurt-style home at night with a star-studded night in the background

For those who love getting back into nature, but also don't want to live without a comfy bed and coffee maker, glamping is the way to go. Thankfully, there are 17 amazing locations on Airbnb where you can make your glamping dreams a reality while still getting that overall "camping" experience.

Treehouse Canopy Room: Permaculture Farm - Miami, FL


At $66/night, you'll feel like you're living in the trees.

Unplug, recharge, private getaway - Banks, Oregon


Staying tucked away in Oregon for $66/night, you'll be able to stay on a pond filled with wildlife, and take advantage of your own private fire bit and yoga deck.

Glamping at Airydale - Mill Creek, Pennsylvania


This tent in PA has more of the "camping" essentials, like only a tent and campfire. But, with gorgeous views, this glamping spot is worth the $99/night.

Sir Cedric Cedar Treehouse - Ferndale, Washington


This actual treehouse has an organic mattress, BBQ grill, small kitchen, and more, and for $175/night, you can make your childhood memories a reality.

Forest Gully Farms Earth House - Santa Fe, Tennessee


In this location, you'll be glamping, quite literally, inside nature. The huts are built into the hills and cost $325/night.

Romantic Bus in the Forest - Weaverville, North Carolina


More than just an RV, this glamping spot for $68/night places you in a cool bus in the middle of the forest so you can get back to nature.

Best View Around: Luxury Camping - Port Angeles, Washington


At $184/night, this gorgeous glamping spot in WA is run by solar power, so you can stay eco-friendly while basking in nature.

Hemlock Camp - North Creek, New York


This tent, for just $112/night, goes back to the basics of camping - with a few extra glam options (like a grilling station and comfy bed).

Canopy Ridge Safari Tent 3 - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Without wifi and and electricity, this glamping location is totally off the grid. If you're looking to get peace and tranquility, this tent, for $129/night, is the way to go.

The Land Yacht - Joshua Tree, California


More than just a camper, this place is a classic airstream trailer with a pool, outdoor eating area, and stunning scenery, and costs $124/night.

Stunning Yurt Property - Creede, Colorado


For $175/night, this yurt is in the perfect location for all four seasons, and has breathtaking views.

WWR Redwing 4 Person Wall Tent - Ashland, Oregon


For $145/night, you can stay in this luxury glamping spot on a farm.

Private Tent in the Mountains Song Sparrow Hill - Hartford, Tennessee


Unlike the other spots, this location provides a minimal amount of amenities for $98/night.

The Lee, Glamping Tent with Deck - Dugsur, Virginia


Priced at $65/night, this glamping spot features a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Off Grid Glamping Experience with Free Breakfast - Glacier View, Alaska


This tent is in the heart of the Alaskan forest, and costs roughly $149/night.

Glamping Tent at Lazy Sky - Yucca Valley, California


For $164/night, you can stay in this tent that is placed on 10 acres of private land.

Luxury Camping on 30a Grayton Beach State Park 13 - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


This glamping place, for $145/night, is on a beach instead of in the woods, which makes for a great place for sandy hikes.

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