If you are a girl, you have come to the right place. We all wish that being a girl came with a 'how to' manual. Being a girl takes a lot of guessing. No one really tells us how to do girl things, well now I will.

Period Hacks

1. If you are late, eat bananas

Bananas are filled with potassium, which help get the blood flowing throughout your body.

2. Heating pads are a must

Disclaimer: do not use your cat. If you don't have a heating pad, you can always DIY one. Fill an empty bottle with super hot water, wrap it in a cloth, and then put it wherever hurts the most.

3. Avoid chocolate

I know, you're probably thinking, "Is she crazy?", but chocolate actually causes acne when you are on your period.

4. Try to limit stress

I know that can seem impossible, but again, this can also make your acne a lot worse. My go-to stress reliever is taking a bath with scented oils; you could also try to light some candles to lift up your mood.

5. Show your skin some love!

Here are some amazing DIY skincare tips you could try for an extra treat!

Dry skin: Just like any other skin, wash exfoliate and moisturize. A great DIY moisturizer to use: 1 tbs of honey, 1 tbs oil (preferably coconut oil), 1 tbs sugar, mix together and scrub face for about 5-10 minutes , wash off with warm water and then apply the moisturizer right away.

Oily skin: DIY cream: 1 tbs milk, 1 tbs honey, 2 tbs sugar, mix together and exfoliate. I use this to help keep my acne down, plus it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Let's face it: weight is a big deal in our society. I have never been the skinny girl everyone liked, but after high school, I started learning to love myself and gained my confidence back. Health, not looks, should be your priority - but that doesn't mean you need to be miserable to be healthy!

1. Be motivated

Really do this for you and your health, not for someone else. Your health should be your main priority.

2. Make meal plans

This is helping me lose weight personally. I usually plan what I will eat for the next day, that way I'm sure what I buy next will have enough calories that I need. Plus, it's a great tip to help you budget!

3. Count your calories

Make sure you get enough! Whether you want to gain or lose, you need to make sure that you are eating enough! I personally love the www.myfitnesspal.com website. It helps me keep count of all that I eat and it motivates me to eat.

4. Monitor your exercise

Obviously if you want to lose weight, try exercising more, and if you want to gain, try doing more strength training to build muscle.

But most of all, be happy with who you are! All you ladies - and even gentleman - are beautiful, and you should know that! Our bodies may only be temporary, but our spirits are not I hope these tips can come in handy. What are some tips that you guys have?