8 Things Girls With Curly Hair Want Everyone Else To Get Straight
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8 Things Girls With Curly Hair Want Everyone Else To Get Straight

Who Run The World? Curls.

8 Things Girls With Curly Hair Want Everyone Else To Get Straight

Curly hair is a blessing and a curse.

Of course you could straighten it or get keratin to tame it, but why not let it go free?

If you’ve had curly hair your whole life like me, then you’ll certainly relate to these struggles of all curly haired people.

1. We Don’t Brush Our Hair

I’ve had people all my life ask “did you brush your hair today?” or “can I borrow your hairbrush?” and the answer is always no. If I tried to brush my hair it would frizz out to the size of a small elephant. No exaggeration. I only brush my hair in the shower with a comb!

2. Rain Is The Enemy

Really, any kind of humidity is the enemy. It turns fully formed ringlets into a frizzy mess not even worthy of daylight. If it starts to rain and you don't have a hood or umbrella, you've probably held the most random objects you could find over your hair just to keep it dry.

3. Drying Time Is Key

When you wash your hair, the way that you let it dry is crucial. Personally, I like to air dry or use a diffuser in a pinch, and I almost always get good results. Don’t get me wrong though, there have surely been times where I expect my hair to turn out a certain way and I get a completely different outcome. It’s like a surprise every time!

4. So Many Products

You own at least five different products just for curly hair. Gel, oil, mousse, masks, creams, you name it and you’ve tried it. Not to mention how expensive all of these products are.

5. So Much Hair

The amount of hair that comes out when you shower is enough to make a wig, probably. It’s actually concerning sometimes, and you have to check if you’re balding.

6. Straightening Is A Spectacle

If you put in the hours of effort it takes to straighten your hair, you know you’ll get some attention for it. People are shocked to see such a different look and on the inside you’re just mad at how long it took and how much your arm still hurts.

7. Please Don’t Touch

Having ringlets in your hair has to be some kind of invitation for everyone to touch and pull on them based on how much it happens. There is nothing worse than feeling someone else fingers running through your curls.

8. Conditioner Ratio

You might as well buy two bottles of conditioner and one bottle of shampoo at a time. It’s not your fault that your curls need moisture!

9. Nothing But Love

You wouldn’t trade your curls for anything. People pay good money to get their hair to look as curly as this! It can be a pain, but it’s always worth it when your curls look amazing.

They have their ups and downs, but curls still reign supreme in my book. They’re versatile, voluminous, and all around a great look.

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