A Girl's Guide To Spring
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A Girl's Guide To Spring

It's finally time to break out the open-toed heels!

A Girl's Guide To Spring
Teylor Veliotis

It's finally Spring, and you know what that means: no more dreading the horrors that come with the freezing cold weather (A.K.A. hiding under layers of thick clothing) and lack of sunshine. Spring comes with more than just April showers and May flowers. Here's your (basic) girl's guide to Spring:

1. Never leave the house without sunglasses

Is that sunshine I actually see? Oh, yeah, it is. I keep a pair of sunglasses with me in every single one of my purses, backpacks, and tote bags so I'm never stranded without one. Experiment with different styles of sunnies to see what works and what doesn't. Also, coordinating your glasses with your outfit is a look.

2. Open-toed heels are a girl’s best friend

I've been counting down the days until I can finally wear my favorite pair of shoes: my nude, four-inch-tall open-toed heels. I wear them to class, to the city, or out to parties because they're so versatile. I've worn these babies for hours at a time and not had any problems because they're honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

3. To sunscreen or not to sunscreen

Sun can be great, but it can also be painful (my pale friends know this too well). Know what type of skin you have and plan accordingly: bring sunscreen and SPF face cream everywhere if need be.

4. Fifty shades of spring

If you know you're going to tan this season, buy foundation and concealer in slightly darker tones to match your color. Nothing's worse than when your makeup and the skin tone on the rest of your body doesn't match.

5. Stock up on face wash

The higher temperature in the spring can make you sweaty (not the most glamorous topic, I know). Fight any acne that may be trying to form due to this perspiration by washing with face wash.

6. New hair, who this?

The change of seasons is a great time for a new hairstyle, like dying your hair, going shorter, or getting bangs. Plus, it's always a good idea to get a trim for the warm weather because less hair means an easier time dealing with the heat.

7. A new season calls for new tunes

taken by me at the Top Dawg Entertainment show

Make a playlist to get you pumped for Spring and discover new artists!

8. Hit the gym!

New season, new you! Set new health and fitness goals for the Spring. Plus, Summer is coming and it's never too late to start working on that beach body!

9. Actually doing things outside: a concept

Winter is over so stop hiding inside! There are so many things people do inside that you can do just the same outside. You can also take your workouts outside; ditch the treadmill and take a jog in the open air.

10. A foodie’s dream

The Spring comes with certain fruits and vegetables being in season again. Get ready for a lot more fresh batches of strawberries, pineapples, carrots, and more.

11. Scream for ice cream

Ice cream = the best way to cool off when the temperature rises a bit.

12. Treat yourself to some new nail polish colors

Switch things up and experiment with new colors for your nails. Those dark colors you wore during the Winter were pretty, but the Spring calls for lighter shades.

13. Take advantage of accessorizing

Natalie Commesso - Placid Beads

Jewelry always stays hidden during the Winter because of all the layers of clothing we wear. The Spring lets you break out your favorite accessories to complete your 'fits. Placid Beads has some cute and trendy necklaces and bracelets to wear this season!

14. Don’t say goodbye to layers just yet

It can still get chilly during the Spring (especially at night). Keeping a sweater or light jacket with you is never a bad idea.

15. Spoil yourself with a new wardrobe

Everybody needs to treat themselves to some new clothes every now and then.

16. Spring cleaning

Even the cleanest of living spaces need to be tidied up every once in a while. Plus, an organized living (and work) area makes it easier to manage stress.

17. A positive attitude

Shower yourself with positivity and good vibes all Spring long!

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