When You Only Have A Few Close Friends In College

We've all likely heard the phrase "quality over quantity" — having a few close friends is better than having several that you're not as close with. It's hard to believe when you can count your close friends on less than one hand and the feeling of loneliness settles in more often than you'd like.

Being an introvert has made it difficult for me to make friends and be open with people, so I've never been the girl that has a ton of friends. In middle and high school, I went through quite a few friends, so by the time I graduated, that number had whittled down to two as I was betrayed by some and simply lost communication with others. Thankfully, college has brought me to some really good people. But in regard to those who I consider my best friends, who I talk to all the time and confide in, that number is still really low.

It's all too easy to compare your life to others and see all the ways in which you've "fallen short." I know that compared to other college students, I virtually have no friends. Sometimes, it makes me feel inadequate like I'm "supposed" to have lots of friends and I've failed to do something other people my age can easily do. There are times it really blows, like when they all have other plans so that automatically means I don't.

Even though it's not always easy or desirable to have such a small circle, it has its benefits. I'm super close with all my friends: we know everything about each other and confide in one another. I know that anytime I need them, they'll be there. They're all meaningful in their own way and my friends mean the world to me.

Though other people may have more friends than myself, I know that they're missing out on close, meaningful friendships. I'd rather have my few best friends than a bunch of people who barely know me. Though it's not always easy, I know that having a few close friends is something worthwhile, that "quality over quantity" is actually true.

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