Girl Code: Friendship

Welcome to the fourth installment of my “Let’s Talk About” series. Today, we tackle the unspoken rule book of “Girl Code”. For those who do not know what “Girl Code” is, it is, in my opinion, one of New York Times best-unpublished novels. Amongst each group, there are these universal agreements on how each one in the group should handle and act in certain situations. For example, we do not date each other's exes. That’s obvious. There is something that’s really been bothering me lately. It seems that some of my friends can’t keep the universal agreements that come with our friendship.

When I was in high school when I saw my friends hanging out without me on social media I honestly thought that my life was going to end. I wondered if it was something I said or did. Why doesn’t anyone like me blah blah blah. Now, three years later and a circle so small that I’m about to start talking to myself this doesn’t bother me.

BUT! To those people, I still talk to and hang out with, even if I’m busy, still invite me. Even if I have to work, still invite me. I probably will reply with an “I’ll think about it” which is a definite “No” in girl language but still, I appreciate being asked. This is a spoken unspoken rule of Girl Code. Who knows. I probably sti- nope I still have work.

With every friendship I expect honesty. What we are not going to do is let me walk around with a mop head as a wig on my head. It took my Mom to tell me that I looked like an extra Jackson family member. The next time I try to squeeze in a size large pair of shorts when I normally wear an extra-large, have the decency to stop me.

No one wants an uncooked busted can of Pillsbury biscuits. Lastly, be there when I need someone to talk to. Friendship comes with communication. When I call, I expect you to answer right away. Even if you can’t pick up, let me know why. Being friends with me is like being in a relationship.

I’m super clingy. I understand that life is busy and we won’t be able to see each other for a while. We can schedule follow-up appointments with openings six months from now. Let’s start treating our friendship like routine checkups.

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