Dead week on a college campus is the week before final exams. It's the week where not many classes will have work for their students to turn in, it's also the week that students are stressing out the most because they procrastinated their studies, and it's the week where all-nighters take place and study groups actually study. Also, the libraries are usually open longer during this time, and the dorms will have longer quiet hours.
Students are constantly studying with barely any rest time, which consists of them drinking an insane amount of caffeine to keep them going. A normal caffeine addiction that some college students acquire during dead week is drinking multiple cups of coffee. If you've ever seen the show, 'Gilmore Girls', then picture Rory and Lorelei's addiction to coffee and that's your average college student during dead week. Here are 11 ways "Gilmore Girls" relates to dead week.

1. Desperately needing coffee.

When you're cramming for an exam, and you keep hinting to your friend who's just playing on their phone that you could use some caffeine, but they don't understand the hints, so you make a promise to them that you will buy them their favorite animal even if it's an elephant if they would just go get you some coffee.

2. Pulling an all-nighter and being delirious.

When you pulled an all-nighter studying and you go to order coffee at the coffee shop and they say it make take a few minutes, but you can't wait any longer because you need caffeine circulating through your body before you pass out.

3. Having a final in a few hours.

When your classmate asks you how your last exam went, you know you didn't do well, and you have another exam in two hours.

4. All you do is study.

When your mom calls you and asks you how your week has been and all you can answer with is that you've been studying almost every hour of the day.

5. Denial.

When you're in denial of how many coffee cups you've drank in the past 24 hours because they don't help you stay awake anymore.

6. Can't function in the mornings.

When you have an exam at 9:30 in the morning, but you remember your brain doesn't work before 11 a.m.

7. So you need your fix of caffeine in the mornings.

Coffee is perfect for the morning especially if you have an exam in a little bit.

8. Looking ridiculous when showing up for your exam.

Going to a class in sweats with your hair in a giant greasy bun and no make-up on because you were up the entire night before studying is a normal thing for a college student to do.

9. Coffee becomes a meal.

When you don't have enough time to eat so you get an excess amount of coffee instead.

10. Choosing between studying and a social life.

When your friends ask you to you hang out or go to a party on the weekend and you have to answer them with an unfortunate, "I can't."

11. Black coffee.

When you ran out of sugar and cream, but don't have any time to go get any so you just drink it as black coffee because you need the caffeine.

12. Not enough time to do everything.

13. Caffeine is needed to function correctly.