We see companies trying to rebrand their image constantly. For example, Quick Trip increased the quality of their facilities, Mastercard changed their signature card look, and Gillette pissed a bunch of people off. Proctor and Gamble, the father company to Gillette, just released a short-film that pushes the idea of older men being role models who advocate for social justice. It focuses on portraying masculine men standing up for others and supporting anti-bullying, diversity and gender equality. Sounds good right? It is, I highly recommend checking it out. However, not everyone shares my opinion.

A surprisingly large backlash came with the release of the video. If you don't believe me, go look for yourself. Right now, on YouTube, the video has received a staggering 1.3 million dislikes in comparison to 744k likes. Many people are claiming the P&G's sudden need to accept its social responsibility is hypocritical. There have been past allocations on how the company has dealt with child labor laws and promoting gender inequality, among other things. I see where they are coming from.. however, to those people upset by their perceived hypocrisy of the commercial, I say calm down.

If Gillette is trying to rebrand itself into a more socially woke company, let them. Within the ad itself, they show one of their past commercials where women are being objectified and treated like prizes for men. However, when they use the clip in the 2019 commercial, it is interrupted by a group of Gen X boys running through it- destroying it in the process. I believe that with this message Gillette is saying that they know the wrong that they've been a part of, they are sorry, and they are putting a stop to it now.

Although I don't agree with the people who are bashing on Gillette for hypocrisy, I respect their views. I like to think of myself as an openminded person. Nonetheless, some people are idiots and we have to acknowledge that. I was reminded of this sad fact as I looked through the comments below the video on YouTube. I have to say, it was a close call, but my favorite has to be…

"We all should stop buying P&G products to set an example for other companies, so they would know if they tried anything misandrist,anti-male,feminist propaganda, and biased like this, It would be their doom. "

I kept the typos, it just doesn't have the same intellectual depth without them. I'm sorry, but are you kidding me? Most of the comments complain about how "real men shouldn't be weak" and "white men are discriminated against, too"; but this one is just incredible, and it is an opinion the other people have supported in other comments. Imagine being so hateful, so self-serving, that the idea of another demographic being treated with respect is bad enough that you would hope for a worldwide boycott of a piece of metal and plastic to destroy it.

If I could tell Gillette one thing as they read through their 392,998 comments, it would be: Congrats on finishing spring cleaning early, only January and you've already taken out the trash.

For the first time in 30 years, Gillette has changed their motto; what was once, "The Best a Man Can Get" is now "The Best a Man Can Be". Older Gillett commercials were all based on how using Gillette could earn you status, masculinity, women or monetary success. But with this new campaign, Gillette is saying that using their product will make you look your best, but it is up to you to be your best. If Gillette, the definition of masculine pride, can change their ways, then what's your excuse?