9 Gifts To Either DIY Or B-U-Y This Christmas

9 Gifts To Either DIY Or B-U-Y This Christmas

Some good gifts to give to your family or friends this year whether it be Christmas or Hanukkah!


We all go through that period during the holidays when we have absolutely no idea what to get someone. I'm here to give some inspiration or ideas that can be low budget and you can even make yourself!

1. A Candle!


Candles are super easy to make and don't require that many ingredients that will bust your bank. There are a few candle recipes, but this is the easiest one in my opinion:

Ingredients you will need:



Fragrance(if desired)



To start you will need to boil the wax(double boil method recommended), it might get messy, so I suggest wearing closes you don't mind getting wax on and preparing the area for work. You'll want to use some tape or anything that can adhere the wick to the container you are making a candle in for when you pour the wax. This is so the wick doesn't move around too much when you're pouring it. You can also purchase wick holders to go at the bottom of the candle at any craft store. You'll want to add the fragrance(if desired) when it has finished boiling and cooled off. If you want to make separate scents, then I suggest taking the wax you've boiled and poured it into different bowls according to how many scents you plan on making, stirring it, then soon after pouring it into the container that has the wick. Finally, you wait! Once it dries it's ready to wrap up and gift to someone!

Here are some creative containers you might want to use:

- Teacup

- thrift store finds( glass mugs, deep dish, a mini cream pourer)

- Pottery

- Plant Pot

Those are just some ideas, you can always find your own too!

If you follow videos for this kind of thing better, I've attached a link to a helpful video to guide you!


Note: This video uses some cool alternatives like flower petals, coconut oil and much more!

2. Take Them On An Adventure!


Sometimes just going on a trip or having experience with someone is better than a material gift. This might only appeal to some people but there are endless things you could do. Here are some of them:

- Go to the movies

- If you are getting a gift for a child, take them to an arcade or somewhere fun in your town or city

- Take them out to their favorite restaurant

- Go on an all day(or overnight) road trip

- Buy them a massage(an excuse to buy yourself one too, so you can go with them!)

- Take them on a little shopping spree

There are lots more things to so pertaining to a certain persons interest or where you leave, all it takes is a little brainstorming!

3. An Ornament!


Ornaments are one of the easiest to make, considering, it could be anything you want it to be! A small picture in a frame?, a paper snowflake?, a paper tree?, there are lots of possibilities and they can be perfectly curated for the gift receiver! If you're having trouble making one or coming up with an idea, here are a few of my favorite tutorials you can follow or grab inspiration from!

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL9-jiaapag

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU3rCDgpT84

3. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/247909154468247796/

4. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/123004633548391272/(easy mod podge ornament!)

5. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/276408495860093791/

6. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/89438742583686543/

4. A Magazine Subscription!


The choices of magazines to choose from are endless! There is a magazine out there for almost every person, and getting that person an ever-lasting supply will surely make their holiday season and the rest of the year!

Magazine ideas: Cooking, Home, Food, Hunting, Technology, Animals, Astronomy, and many more!

5. A Scrapbook!


A scrapbook is a great idea for a family member or a close friend. Everyone loves looking back on good times and memories and that's exactly what you can do with a scrapbook. You can go the usual route and get an actual book, or you can get creative with posters, even furniture(mod podge), or whatever you can think of.

6. Gift Baskets!


A fun thing to do is make a basket full of everything you know the person you're giving it to will love! Examples could be Makeup bundle, Cookingware set, Tea or Coffee, stuff or games. You have many options for this one.

7.  Etsy gift!

I've always loved Etsy when it comes to gifting handmade or creative thing! I once got a friend of mine a custom pair of pants and my mother a customized necklace! There are a lot of things you'll find that you'll love for someone else(or maybe yourself) and many customizable products. Some ideas for you: Custom jewelry, vintage clothing or products, handmade products and much more! Be sure to check them out.


8. Crochet Or Knit Something!


If you know how to crochet or knit, it's a perfect way to make gifts! You can make things ranging from hats, scarfs, sweaters, to blankets! There are lots of tutorials on Youtube and the internet to see you if you need help or if you're interested in starting for the first time!

9. Homemade Lotion Or Scrub


Similar to candles, this is a great gift to make. You can make it just for them by adding ingredients you'll know they like or that will help their skin! I've listed some great links that I've has success with below!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9LcvGcEkc4: Coconut lotion!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiFEnbAuRO8: Whipped body butter for stretch marks and moisturizing!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNuaZ5QXNt8: DIY sugar scrub along with bath bombs and bath salts!

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/115756652901050291/: Lots of options with this one!

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30. *Your post with your friend on new years* Wow, I haven’t seen you since last year!

Cover Image Credit: wearesocial / Flickr

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Christmas Of Remembrance Series: My Last Letter

Christmas time is not about the gifts... It is about something far, far more special.


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your time.

This is a series that I have dedicated to those I have loved and lost. It was merely a thought, then an idea, and now a realized creation. Christmas time… all winter really is a hard time for me. It holds this duality in my life of being both my favorite and also my least favorite and difficult time of year. It has been that way for years now.

In a way, this series aids my closure and healing further, and it allows me to tell my story in a way that, to me, is less scary (one of the many great facets of this platform). It was never my intention to write this in order to reach people, or encourage people, or serve as an inspiration to anyone. This was for me and only me. No one else. But, if these pieces of writing do impact someone, somewhere, or make them feel encouraged or inspired in some way or another, or just simply make them feel, then I hope you have enjoyed them. If I can make someone feel, then I guess I have done my job.

The life of an artist is often an uncertain one. The life of a human is a trying one. But life is a journey, and all journeys have their trials. Their tests. Their triumphs and rewards. And they all have their losses. What matters most is what you make of all of it. What lessons you learn. What changes you make. What life you create for yourself. What art you create because of it all. It can be very, very hard. But it can all be glorious at the same time.

At the heart of this series, my words, there is this deep and valuable belief of mine: Christmas (or the Winter Holiday that you may celebrate) is so much more about presents and cooking and shopping and all that other bullshit… it is about family.

The family that is related by blood. The family that surrounds your heart. Your Mom. Your brother. Your dearest friends. The bonds that make life valuable. Worth living. These bonds are soulful bonds, ones that are far more special than any mere trivial object. So… be with them. Forgive. Forget. Heal. Mend what is broken. Reassemble what has been shattered. And stop worrying so much. Laugh together. Cry together. Heal on another. Heal together. And may your new days be better, brighter, and full of love.

Happy Holidays.


A song for you...

"Sense of Home" — Harrison Storm / YouTube

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