These Astrology Gifts Are All On Amazon For Under $25— Including A Zodiac Scented Candle
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These Astrology Gifts Are All On Amazon For Under $25— Including A Zodiac Scented Candle

Perfect gifts for your Astrology-loving friends.

These Astrology Gifts Are All On Amazon For Under $25— Including A Zodiac Scented Candle

"Astrology For Real Life" Book

This workbook is perfect for those who are newbies at astrology or those who want a simpler explanation of astrological phenomena without complicated Astro jargon. It provides in-depth information in an easy-to-understand format. It is one of the best astrology gifts on Amazon, with a 4.5 star rating and thousands of reviews.

Zodiac Scented Candle

These long-lasting scented candles feature personalized scents for each of the twelve zodiac signs, making them the ideal gift for everyone who appreciates the peace that comes from lighting a candle. The candle comes with a description of the fragrance and how it applies to the characteristics of that particular sign. The Aquarius candle, for example, "smells like a rebel dreamer who thinks beyond the box."

Zodiac Gold Lettered Necklace

For those who want to accessorize with customized jewelry, this elegant gold-plated stainless steel necklace is perfect. This necklace belongs in every Astrology lover's jewelry armoire, with a pendant that features the zodiac sign written in a classic English font and is 18k yellow gold with a high polish finish. The necklace comes in a lovely package with a detailed description of the zodiac sign.

A Little Book of Self-Care for [Insert Zodiac Sign]

This book develops a method of self-care for each of the twelve zodiac signs. It gives personalized advice for each sign's ideal self-care practices, assisting them in finding ways to relax and unwind. The cover art features symbols of the respective sign, including lucky numbers and symbols. With a 4.5 star Amazon review and over 300 ratings, this is a reliable gift to get your Astrology-loving friend.

Zodiac Keychain With Crystal

Each keychain comes with a copper zodiac coin and a natural healing crystal that attaches to a stainless steel keychain loop. Every keychain's crystal is personalized to fit the characteristics of the corresponding zodiac sign. Its minimalist qualities and small size make it ideal to attach to your bag, keys, or belt loop.

Zodiac Constellation Coffee Mug

This black glazed porcelain coffee mug is complete with a gold spoon, lid, and coaster. The front of the mug has a constellation pattern that is exclusive to your zodiac sign and the dates of your zodiac sign's birthdays. This is the best gift for those who enjoy both astrology and coffee, with a 5-star Amazon ranking and over a thousand reviews.

2021 Personal Horoscope

This 50-page personal horoscope provides monthly predictions of what lies in the road ahead in 2021. Every one of the twelve zodiac signs has its own book with personalized forecasts. Gift this to a friend who needs redirection in their life.

Astrological Nutrient Label Mug

Each mug is designed in the format of a nutritional label, with characteristics of the zodiac sign as ingredients. Taurus's, for instance, have strong 200%, reliable 100%, and patient 100% as their ingredients. The mug is beautifully packaged in a white gift box. In addition, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Zodiac Wall Tapestry

This black and white zodiac tapestry with an astrology wheel would be the perfect backdrop for an astrology-lover's room. Made of environmentally-friendly polyester and durable lightweight fabric, this is a great addition to your tapestry collection. It's five star review average on Amazon along with hundreds of positive reviews make this a great product to add to your astrology collection.

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