20 Gift Ideas For Business Majors That Will Help Them Get To CEO
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20 Gift Ideas For Business Majors That Will Help Them Get To CEO


20 Gift Ideas For Business Majors That Will Help Them Get To CEO
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Graduation will be here in a blink of an eye. Your business-major-student, whether friend or family, will finally be finished with all those statistics classes, discussions about the stock market, arguments over ethics; yet, now, he/she will have to focus on the conversations in the real world. You know, that "world" business professors can never get enough of talking about: "real world" talk and "real world" scenarios and "real world" group projects.

Help a graduating business major enjoy the end of their arguments with pre-med peers over how easy a business major is with one or more of these 20 gifts.

1. Personalized coffee cup

Well, maybe don't push it in too much (not much of a present, then) but the cup is needed since business majors are fueled by coffee.

2. Personalized pen

One can't possibly properly sign documents unless his/her name is on his/her pen.

3. A briefcase

All business people have to have a briefcase! Where would any business professional be without one?

4. Decanter and whiskey glass set

I mean, how else will business majors get through the Excel sheets, numbers, percentages, calculations, formulas, and dollar (maybe euro) signs?!

5. Travel passport case

Business trips?! I say, "Yes, please!" #worldtraveler

6. A business advice book

There are so many books to choose from! Startup advice, money advice, leadership advice, the list is endless.

7. Tracker pad

Organization at its finest.

8. Personalized pad and portfolio

A personalized padfolio?! Yes, please!

9. A personalized flask

What's better than a flask? A personalized one!

10. Business card holder

Show someone you believe in them, by gifting them a tool to hold their business cards. This way they can advertise wherever they go.

11. Money (for new professional business clothes)

Nothing's wrong with a shopping spree, especially for sexy business attire.

12. Diploma frame

Something for the bare walls of his/her new office or, you know, his/her childhood bedroom.

13. A nice, professional watch

Nothing compares to a handshake with someone wearing a nice watch.

14. A subscription to a business magazine


Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg; any magazine subscription is perfect!

15. Paperweight

Better yet, a decision paperweight— who said business majors make decisions?

16. Hygiene products

Just a friendly reminder that in the real world, one has to smell good to get someone to listen to their business plan. Employers are not like college advisers.

17. Desk organizer

A clean desk generates intelligent thoughts for those work breaks in between Facebook, Youtube, and Netflix.

18. Personalized/funny nameplate

Just to make his/her presence a little bit more known.

19. Advice on how to fire people

I mean, maybe they won't ever have to fire anyone!

20. A makeover

To get a job out in the real world, business students need that "it factor." That "look." So, grab your purse and take him/her to get his/her nails, hair, makeup did. Did someone say makeover?!

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