I feel like some people have more Hogwarts House pride than they do real school pride. And what better way to help your friends show their pride than to get them something that shows the world what Pottermore sorted them into when they were 11.

But, there is so much more than showing you're a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw than what they have on the shelves at Hot Topic. Anyone can find a Gryffindor scarf or a Hufflepuff t-shirt with a quick Google search.

These gifts will show your friends that you know a lot about what their house and care.


Gryffindors are courageous, brave, chivalrous and have the nerve.

Some Lion bookends for that Hermione Granger in your life. This "Be Brave" necklace that reminds them to always stay brave in scary situations.

An adorable Lion onesie and one for your dog too!

A tote of all of the Gryffindor Common Room passwords... Although, it's probably not the most excellent idea to advertise them.


Hufflepuffs are patient, just, loyal, and value hard work.

This cute chalkboard of their mascot, the Badger.

These planter kits so that they can bring their garden inside.

Magnetic planters that are just too cute!

A desktop Zen garden for when they need a nice study break.


Ravenclaws are intelligent, witty, creative, and value learning.

A book of riddles for when they need to get into the Ravenclaw Common Room, or just impress their friends.

This Thumb Thing so that they can keep their favorite books open with just one hand.

An art set so that they can release their creative side.

Or a Book Beau to keep their precious books safe for transportation.


Slytherins are ambitious, cunning, resourceful, and are natural-born leaders.

This poster to serve as a daily reminder that they. Are. AMBITIOUS.

These no-nonsense notebooks.

A bath bomb that is just as black as their souls (or so they want us to believe)

This beautiful opalite crystal snake pendant.

I tried to conjure up gifts that weren't explicitly Harry Potter or (enter House) themed. These are all things that can be used/worn in everyday life that doesn't scream, "I love Harry Potter!" but also keep the person wearing them or using them content with showing off their love for their Hogwarts house in a subtle way that those also in their house can only understand.