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A Last-Minute Gift Guide For Girls From A To Z

And they're all under $25...

A Last-Minute Gift Guide For Girls From A To Z

Whether it's for a 16-year-old girl or a 60-year-old woman, these gifts will be fit for a queen.

1. Agate Coasters


Perfect for a bedside or coffee table, this gift is both fabulous and functional. / $14 each

2. Be Kind Throw Pillow


Not only is a sweet message, it's great for a bed or a couch and encourages relaxation. / $20

3. Corkcicle Tumbler


Whether they want to fill it with water or wine, the choice is theirs. / $24.95

4. Desk Accessories from

This gift promotes organization and a sleek room. It's a win-win for everyone! / $16

5. Evening Makeup Kit


The 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette is perfect to help create a look go from daytime to nighttime with some sparkle and darkness. This gift is perfect for the makeup gurus in your life. / $24

6. Fairy Lights

Urban Outfitters

There are a million and one ways to use fairy lights throughout your space so let the person you're giving this quick gift to be creative! / $12

7. Gia Eyelash Knit Scarf

Urban Outfitters

This gift is for the colder ladies in your life. Someone who lives in the north can never have enough scarves, especially ones so soft! I actually bought a scarf for a Florida friend this year because of her upcoming trip to Chicago. You can't count anyone out of this gift. / $24

8. Herb and Crisp Thyme Candle


Candles are every girl's weakness. It's something they always want but don't always want to buy for themselves. To be safe, get a neutral scented candle focusing on herbs and natural remedies rather than the overproduced Bath and Body Works candle scents. / $14

9. Iris Card Case


This baby is a gem. It's perfect for ladies who are tired of having a huge, bulky wallet take up the majority of their purse. It fits a credit card, IDs and some cash while not only being functional but also being cute. / $24

10. Java Coffee French Press Coffee Maker


Last year I received a french press for Christmas and I think I've used it almost every day since. It's a gift that keeps on giving. It has taught me to be intentional with my coffee consumption instead of drinking cup after cup from a Keurig. Throw in a nice bag of coffee and you're set with a great gift! / $20

11. Knit Texting Gloves

Urban Outfitters

This gift could be paired with a scarf or given alone. Like I said with the scarf before, a cozy gift like this is not excluded from your friends in warmer climates if they have any scheduled trips to colder places soon. / $18

12. LA TINTA Journals, Set of 3


Journals are some of the best gifts you can give someone. Some use them for school, others use them as diaries – Regardless, the list of possibilities is endless. / $16

13. Macaroon Soap Set


These are seriously the cutest little presents. They would look adorable sitting in a dish at the corner of any sink to add a little something extra to the ambiance. If you want to get someone a self care-themed present, this present would be a great addition. / $16

14. Noodle Set

Urban Outfitters

If I got this present, I would be so excited. It's classy, unique and functional for those who are ramen or noodle advocates. / $20

15. OUAI Three OUAI Hair Kit

Urban Outfitters

I personally have a soft spot for OUAI hair products. This set is perfect for your travelin' ladies who need hair care on the go. / $25

16. Pinky Up Hey Sugar Tea Spoons


This is one of those things that I'd love to have but would never buy for myself. It can either have a functional or decorative use. There are coffee-themed spoons as well who prefer beans to leaves. / $12

17. Quiz Card Game


This is a great gift for any hostesses in your life who love to throw a party. When you're sitting around the table after dinner, you can pop out this card game and enjoy each other's company. / $12

18. Ridged Terracotta Pot


Perfect for the plant ladies in your life, this gift can dress up any room or potted friend. / $16-$22

19. Stay Awhile Hook

Urban Outfitters

If you have a woman in your life who has a fascination with interior design, this is the gift for her. This decorative piece is functional and adorable. It can liven up any entryway with versatility and a nice sentiment. / $18

20. Tote Bag


For any busy bee, this gift can be used for carrying around a laptop, some books or a few groceries. if can be folded into another bag to be used whenever needed, too. / $17.49

21. Urban Tribal Pattern Cutting Board


If you have someone moving into their first apartment or house, this gift is a thoughtful housewarming gift that they might not want to spend the money on. It's nicer than an Ikea board and it can be placed on the counter as a piece of art to decorate a kitchen. / $21.60

22. Velvet Glasses Case


If the person you are buying a gift for is notorious for losing or scratching their glasses, this is the perfect present for them. I always keep a case in my car to switch from my eyeglasses to sunglasses without damaging them, so you can suggest the same to them too! / $20

23. Who's Most Likely To Game

Urban Outfitters

This card game has been EVERYWHERE lately. It's a fun party game or for a night just hanging out with some friends. It's certainly prone to bring up some laughter. / $16

24. XL Martini Glass

Urban Outfitters

This is a present for your above 21 ladies who enjoy a nice cocktail at the end of the night. Pair this with a bottle of their favorite alcohol and you've got a happy woman on your hand. / $22

25. Yoga Coasters


Whether it's for a pug lover or coaster aficionado, this gift is adorable and functional. I love using coasters for putting candles on to ensure the surface underneath doesn't overheat, in addition to putting a coffee mug on top. They're versatile and a great room decorator. / $12 for 4

26. Zodiac Coin Necklace


Zodiac necklaces are both personalized and easy to shop for. They're everywhere at the moment but it takes knowing someone to pick the right one. / $19

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