10 Ways To Get Through Mother's Day When You're Still Grieving
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10 Ways To Get Through Mother's Day When You're Still Grieving

You're not alone.

10 Ways To Get Through Mother's Day When You're Still Grieving
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Grieving the loss of your mom is difficult no matter what season it is. However, when May rolls around, it can be hard to not be particularly saddened; especially when stores fill their aisles with the phrase “perfect gifts for mom.” When your friends, peers, and coworkers are all talking about forgetting to get their mom a present, it can be vexing before the day even starts. Based on my experiences, I want to provide anyone struggling with a list to help them get through Mother’s Day:

1. Listen to her favorite song.

And sing it like nobody’s listening (except maybe her).

2. ...or cook her favorite meal.

Even if you can’t even come close to her cooking. Or, if cooking doesn't run in the family, hit up her favorite restaurant.

3. Create something to remember her by.

Pinterest, as you may already know, is chock full of great ideas. Let your creativity run wild. Whether it’s writing a poem, attempting a DIY project, or drawing a picture, she would appreciate it.

4. Write down your favorite memory with her-and then frame it.

This is something that will help you get through any day. Write down as many details as you can remember.

5. Spend the day with someone else special in your life.

Them having known your mom helps, but what’s important is that they make you happy.

6. Go through old photos and videos.

Seeing her smile will make the day easier.

7. Still buy her flowers.

She is always with you, so she will still see them.

8. Make a memorial post on social media.

Whatever outlet you use, make sure you keep her memory alive.

9. Cry.

It’s always okay to do.

10. Remember that you are not alone.

Both young and old, there are people all around that understand the pain you’re going through. Reach out, you don’t have to walk alone.

I know that motherless Mother’s Days can be rough, but you can and will get through it. Just focus on making the day a positive reminder of the mother you were blessed with. Hold on to your memories, and remember that she is always with you. Even though you can’t see her physically, you will be able to feel it in your heart that she’s right there celebrating beside you.

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