How To Cope With Stress As A Working College Student

I find myself being so ridiculously lazy sometimes. It is like every last shard of motivation that I had was completely ripped out of me. This is especially true on the most bittersweet day of the week- Sunday. Ah, yes, Sunday, the day that all of my assignments that I have procrastinated pretty hard on come pounding down at my door.

It never really seems like that much until I actually open my laptop and read the directions for the assignment. Yet, somehow, in the midst of trying to get all of these things done and sleep more than 6 hours (preferably), I find a strange peace, even though I have so much to get done.

Don't get me wrong, the stress does get to me sometimes, but I have learned to cope with it fairly well this past couple of years of dealing with the pressure of both high school and college. Along the way, I have realized that it is completely normal to get stressed out. But, no matter what, you should never allow yourself to dwell on the stress and cause yourself to grow into a total worrywart (because no one likes those). Constantly worrying about that midterm assignment or that credit card payment that is due, will never make it simply go away.

I deal with stress by looking it in the eye and allow it to drive me to do whatever it is that I have written down on my to-do list of the week. Ignoring it and letting it sit and fester until it comes up again, is not okay and will affect you way more than it already has. Did you need to be more stressed? I didn't think so.

Stress and I work together to make sure that things get done. Sure, I have a couple of essays due next week and a bunch of laundry that needs to get done before I head home for break. I do get stressed thinking about it, but it goes away when I think about where I can squeeze in a couple of extra hours to work on some assignments and pop a load in the washer.

Without that extra push of stress, I think I would be a little lazier than usual. Just enough of it is enough to kick-start the working hands of the to-do list that I have in my head. Stress and I get along because, without him, I would forget, ignore, and belittle my responsibilities. My Twitter and Instagram feed is full about posts of "Ignoring my responsibilities, like..." and I can't relate to any of them in the slightest. I guess stress and I make a better team than I thought.

Between work, school, clubs, and trying to maintain my GPA, it is so easy to let myself fall into a web of anxiety, but I refuse. I know that I don't deserve the breakdowns of pressure. Instead, I decided to get along with my stress and not allow it to control the way that I walk around and live out my daily life. My responsibilities will never be ignored.

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