Being a young adult who is almost 23, I have met a lot of people in my life. Many of those people are all over the place by making their own life decisions. People are all so quick to not make decisions based on the actions of the people around them. If you are anything like me and have social media, you see things all over the internet or your phone.

This brings me to the topic of FOMO. FOMO stands for fear of missing out. FOMO runs across all of us some days or every day. It can depend on the person and how much they feel left out when their friends are hanging out and they aren't able.

The problem with FOMO is people will not do something in their life due to the fact that they feel like they are going to be missing out on something.

My advice to anyone who ever feels like they are missing out on stuff is to stop. Stop feeling like you are going to miss out on something your friends are doing just because you aren't able to go. Set your priorities straight and make decisions that are best for you life. Don't skip a family event just because your friends are going out drinking. Don't leave work early because you have to meet up with your friends because for some reason you think you are missing out.

The biggest downfall of feeling like you are missing out on something is that you are taking away from your life and what is happening now. We never know what life will bring us or what life has in store for us. The more you feel like you are constantly missing out on what is happening with your friends and whatever party they are at, the less likely you will be to enjoy the life you live and what is going on for yourself.

Stop feeling like you are missing out and live in the now. Enjoy the special and fun times with your friends and enjoy that time and moment. When your friends are all together and having fun, don't feel sad you aren't there. Be happy they are getting to do something fun even if that means you don't get to be there.

Don't get me wrong, we all have those moments where we feel like we are missing out on happy and fun time. But don't let it affect your life and your spirit. We have the rest of our lives to enjoy going out with friends and living the best life possible. Please don't stop doing something in your life that is important just because you think some event all of your close friends with will be the time of your life.

Live in the now. Stop being afraid of missing out on things. Stop feeling like you are constantly missing out. You are not missing out on anything, enjoy your life and start living.