We all have dreams and aspirations for ourselves and our work, but the work that is always remembered is done by people who allow themselves to be a part of their work.

What I mean when I say this, is that instead of just creating something and the best way you can end up describing it is that a certain thing happened. It can be a lifeless piece if some life isn't put into it.

When you put yourself into your work, this isn't the case. What results is that you are impacted by your work.

I felt inclined to write this piece because I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago, and she runs a music blog. She made a post about a band called Joyous Wolf, and I really loved it because when I read her approach, you could see that she didn't just listen to a band.

She took the time to capture how Joyous Wolf made her feel, and it's so vivid. She discusses the songs in excellent detail and it's cool to see what stuck out to her.

The key to why her piece on them is great is that she doesn't just put a playlist and post it. She takes the time to describe why they are a group that deserves to be showcased. She went the extra mile to really apply her experience in something she enjoys and it's fantastic!!

It's important to put yourself into your work because it really shows that we all have a perspective. We all have feelings and we all explain these things in our own way.

So, if the opportunity comes up, put yourself into your work. Without you, your work wouldn't be possible. You have the capability to show your perspective, so don't pass it up.