I am obsessed with fall. Everything about it fills my heart with joy. It consists of the best weather, the best holidays, the best activities and the best memories. I wish it could be fall time all year round. So, if you are a fall guru like me, then you know darn well all of the amazing things fall has to offer, and you probably have already done half the things on this list. However, if you find yourself loving any other season but fall, then hopefully this helps you to come to the realization of how amazing fall actually is. With that being said, let these inspire you to make this the best fall yet.

1. Go to a corn maze

Have fun getting lost with all of your friends!

2. Make some pumpkin bread

The pumpkin aroma is the best aroma.

3. Buy a fall scented candle

I think I need 10,000 of them.

4. Wrap up in a blanket with your coffee

Check and check. Name something better. Maybe with a Harry Potter movie?

5. Explore the changing leaves outdoors

This has to be my favorite scenery out of the whole year.

6. Go on a hay ride

You are never too young for a hay ride.

7. Pick apples at an orchard

This is where you can get the YUMMIEST apples, in case you were wondering.

8. Buy apple cider

Just another reason why fall is the best: APPLE CIDER.

9. Go pumpkin picking

There is no such thing as the perfect pumpkin, but you'll find one that is perfect for you.

10.  Decorate your house in all things fall

If there is a way to get you in your fall feels, it is to decorate your house in fall decorations.

11.  Carve pumpkins

Who doesn't love scooping out the insides and then carving your very best jack-o-lantern face on?

12.  Paint pumpkins

In case carving pumpkins is too dangerous for ya, try painting them.

13.  Make apple crisp

I used to crave this as a child but haven't had it in years. I think I need to change that up this year.

14.  Grab yourself a hot chocolate

Nothing beats a hot coco, nothing.

15.  Roast marshmallows at a bonfire

Fall. Bonfire. Sweaters. Blankets. Marshmallows. Chocolate. S'mores. Count me in.

16.  Make a leaf pile and jump in

You are never to old to jump in a pile of leaves.

17.  Read a book outside

The perfect way to spend a fall day.

A challenge for you: make a list of fall things you wish to do and go DO them. Use some of mine or make up your own; whatever you do, just go enjoy fall. And then do me a favor and enjoy the winter, spring and summer that follow. Basically just enjoy your year, then enjoy your years, and then you'll find yourself enjoying your life.