America Needs To End Its Tampon Tax Just Like Germany
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Tampons Are NOT A Luxury Item, And America Should Follow Germany And Stop Taxing Them Like They Are

Unless you want period blood dripping down everyone's legs, sanitary items should be taxed as necessary items.

Tampons Are NOT A Luxury Item, And America Should Follow Germany And Stop Taxing Them Like They Are

I was born with a uterus that sheds every month. I didn't choose this. People with periods already complain about period cramps, period pimples, and period emotions, we don't need to have a luxury tax on something that is far from luxury.

I'm not sorry I have a vagina.

I don't want a penis.

But I do wish that tampons weren't taxed.

No one should have to make a choice between purchasing food or a box of tampons. I have to eat, but I also can't live without my period. As of now, 15 American states have dropped the tax on feminine hygiene products, but there are still 35 more where people with periods are charged a sales tax for something they can't avoid. Does someone really have a sound explanation for this?

To me, it just sounds like another injustice against people with vaginas.

Unless you want, period blood dripping down everyone's legs, sanitary items should be taxed as necessary items. Yes, in that way, tax-exempt. We just want to keep up with our hygiene, is that so wrong?

Not only is the gender pay gap very real, but now people are charged extra because of their uncontrollable, monthly bleeding. Approximately, menstrual product taxes generate $150 million in revenue every year.

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I'm not the only one sick of the tampon tax, there are a variety of campaigns and activists that push for legal action. For instance, Period Equity and LOLA have partnered and created Tax Free. Period., the nation's first organization against period

Due to a vote in the German parliament, Germany will no longer tax menstrual items as luxury products and, as they should, people are celebrating.

Moreover, equal rights campaigner Nanna-Josephine Roloff has now shifted her focus on fighting for free menstrual products in all public facilities around the world: "You see toilet paper everywhere–no one is expected to run around the world with a roll of toilet paper–but nowhere are tampons to be found."

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America really needs to get on this. One of my best friends got up and left for Germany after graduating high school and I think I understand why now.

And don't even get me started on how Viagra, an erectile dysfunction medication, is labeled as a necessary good and not taxed.

Hello, misogyny.

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