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Focusing On The Issues With Stacey Abrams

Let's take a trip to Stacey Abrams' website and go through her plan for Georgia, shall we?

Focusing On The Issues With Stacey Abrams

In a recent tweet, Democratic candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams said that she remains focused on the issues while her Republican opponent Brian Kemp attacks her. Well, I have been curious about her views on such issues, so I went to her website to find out more. I have outlined a few sections of the points that she explains:

1. "Leading on Reproductive Justice" - Justice? Really?

Linked to her website is an article including Abrams' many 'achievements' regarding the protection of reproductive health care. While she has been recognized as a Living Legend by Planned Parenthood of the Southeast, it's ironic how her policies will stop others from living. Furthermore, Abrams has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood for governor. I don't know why you would want an organization responsible for the murder of almost 7 million babies as of October 2016 in support of your campaign. Perhaps one of the most troubling things about the article is how it praises Abrams for blocking a "eugenics anti-abortion push". This is quite the oxymoron. For starters, the term eugenics literally means "improving a human population by controlled breeding" according to Wikipedia. Who do you think is trying to control breeding: the doctors at Planned Parenthood or the many pro-life activists across the country? Additionally, Planned Parenthood was created in 1916 by eugenicist Margaret Sanger. So, Stacey Abrams, which side of reproductive justice are you on?

2. "Fair and Diverse Economy" - What does that even mean?

What many people on the left seem to not understand is that whenever money is being used by the government - state or federal - that money is consequently not being used elsewhere. Therefore, when Abrams plans on raising everyone's taxes - including the businesses' that she claims to be helping - to pay for the $10 million "investment" in small business financing programs, she will be removing opportunities for citizens and businesses of Georgia from investing their own money where they see fit. In addition, the capital that Abrams assumes Georgia's companies need help in acquiring will only increase in price due to the increase in demand on account of the intrusive economic policy. I would assume that the small businesses of Georgia know how to spend their money better than a big Abrams bureaucracy.

3. "Access to Affordable Healthcare" - Because ObamaCare has been such a big success?

Stacy Abrams claims that healthcare should be a right for all Americans. However, she, along with many other progressive politicians, fail to show people the other side of this coin. If you have a right to healthcare, then I have an obligation to help pay for your healthcare. If you have the right to health care, then the doctor at the local hospital is required to care for you, even if you don't have the money. Also, Abrams says that she wants to "expand Medicaid and provide coverage for 500,000 Georgians". You'll always hear people on the left talk about giving "affordable" health care to countless citizens, but they never seem to talk about the quality of healthcare that will ensue. With the Oregon health insurance experiment of 2008, in which Oregon expanded Medicaid for low-income citizens through a lottery system, there was no statistically significant effect on the physical health of the adults.

Moreover, the expanded coverage had no effect on employment status or earnings. As seen on a small scale in Oregon, expanding Medicaid in Georgia will not produce any net benefit to society; therefore, wouldn't our tax dollars be put to much better use in developing a more efficient and competitive health care system that will benefit all?

4. "Affordable Housing" - As if healthcare's not enough.

Once again, Abrams seems to be one who wants to find solutions but does not see the complications that will arise with the implementation of her policies. When you see that her plan is to create a "state affordable housing trust fund", you need to think back to the basic supply and demand graph. With more money being at the disposal of the government to help people pay for their housing, the demand for housing will increase. If you can remember from high school, an increase in demand leads to an increase in what? That's right, prices. On the other hand, Abrams claims that the trouble of finding affordable housing isn't necessarily due to an increase in prices, but to the decrease in work hours, the stagnancy of wages and joblessness. I have to agree with Abrams on this one. There are many different reasons as to why people cannot afford to house.

On the contrary, her solutions will once again only make matters worse. The candidates' plans to solve this problem include investing in higher education; otherwise known as increasing your taxes to fund the $100 million estimated the first-year cost. She also wants to expand affordable childcare by redirecting $58 million away from the private school scholarship program and therefore restricting many parents' ability to choose where to send their children to school. Also, she plans on increasing economic mobility, which is a fancy way of saying that she wants to increase earnings - most likely by driving up the minimum wage. However, with a minimum wage hike, employers will cut back on hours and lay off employees due to the increase in production costs.

Overall, with an increase in prices and taxes, a decrease in jobs and work hours and therefore a decline in real wages, Abrams' policies will only push Georgia deeper into poverty.

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