7 Awesome Autumn Activities
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7 Awesome Georgia Activities To Make You Fall In Love With Autumn

Orange you glad it's fall? Well, I sure am! With these awesome activities, your holiday season will be filled with fun, laughter and spooks!

7 Awesome Georgia Activities To Make You Fall In Love With Autumn
Sarah Oltadoyite

After weeks of endless sun, autumn is finally upon us! Cue the over-sized sweaters and Halloween decorations! Bye-bye swimsuit season, and hello to the best season of them all. Fall is filled with activities to keep you warm and happy during the colder holiday months. These are just a few of the best ways to make the most of this special time of year!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch at a local farm

If you live near a rural area, take time during the weekend to make the drive to a pumpkin patch. Luckily, there are several farms on my side of town. Riding down the peaceful country roads as the leaves change is almost as beautiful as getting to the farm itself. I had a wonderful time taking in the scenery of a rustic farm and getting lost in a complex corn maze. In addition to enjoying the fall farm festivities, you can take home a pumpkin and decorate it for Halloween!

Here is one of my favorite fall farms in Georgia: Southern Belle.

2. Throw a costume party

Spooky season has officially arrived! Why not celebrate by hosting a costume party for you and your friends? You can dress up as your favorite TV character, or better yet, pretend you are a celebrity. The whole squad will be stylin' for Halloween, a great opportunity for Insta-worthy photos. Moreover, you can also eat as much Halloween-themed candy as you want without judgment. That's what I'll be doing, anyways!

3. Try ALL the Pumpkin Spice Specialty Items!

We all know Starbucks throws out its pumpkin spice lattes this time of year, but think of all the OTHER pumpkin spice goodies. to try! From Oreos to Poptarts, there is so much to savor and only a few months before this limited time flavor disappears again.

Every time I visit the grocery store, I make it a personal goal to buy at LEAST one new pumpkin spice items. Currently, my favorite is pumpkin spice rolls. To be honest, the flavor does not mesh with every food item, but it's definitely worth a try!

4. Go to a Halloween theme park

My favorite part of spooky season is going to horror theme parks. Netherworld and Fright Fest are Halloween staples that guarantee a time of thrills and screams. I loved going to Fright Fest, riding the roller coasters, and running through the small haunted house at this Six-Flag festival.

The Haunted Pink Traphouse at 13 Stories is also another must-see attraction created by the one and only Two Chains for anyone who loves haunted houses. Bring a group of friends with you just in case you need extra hands for squeezing and bodies to hide behind if the monsters at these exhibits look a little too real!

You can visit the Haunted Pink Traphouse here.

5. Binge-watch your favorite Halloween Movies

'Hocus Pocus', 'It', 'Halloween' 1, 2 and 3, there are so many solid horror movies for this time of year.

I was never a strong advocate for scary, realistic horror films, but I don't mind a couple funny Halloween scares while watching with my friends. Have a movie night with popcorn, candy and fuzzy blankets. You may be sleeping with one eye open, but it will definitely make for a memorable night!

6. Make a holiday playlist

Just because Halloween isn't over, doesn't mean it's too early to sing Christmas carols! As soon as the leaves start falling, I started belting the chorus of 'Let It Snow.' Why not use this time to create a holiday playlist on Spotify? Share it with your friends, play it when you're sad or stressed or tired of cold weather. Holiday tunes are one of the best parts of this season, and they are a great reminder of what is to come!

7. Be thankful for all the things autumn has to offer!

There are so many wonderful things to do this time of year, and while you're busy having the time of your life, remember to stop and reflect. Be thankful for the awesome friends and family members you can go to pumpkin patches with and binge-watch scary movies with you. Be appreciative of the pumpkin-spice items that crowd the shelves of every store.

Most of all, realize that there are millions of people in this country and around the world who don't have the luxury of enjoying the season. Don't take fall for granted, or you might just miss it!

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