Why you should not go to general admission concerts.

Before You Buy A General Admission Ticket, Make Sure You Know What You're Getting Into

Get ready to throw some elbows.

Julia Price

Recently, I got the chance to go see one of my favorite rappers in concert, and while it was one of the best experiences I will ever have, I still have a few complaints as to why I will never attend a "general admission" concert again.

First of all, I am not one who will let someone push me around, not verbally, and especially not physically and I honestly thought that I was going to end up in a brawl on multiple occasions. There were some people who would come in late, and start pushing from the back to get through to the front, and it was just aggravating. I mean, if you wanted a better spot you shouldn't have come in late, duh.

I am also not a fan of physical contact. It was honestly my worst nightmare. I was stuck in an enclosed space, skin-to-skin with so many strangers. Oh, and let's not forget that everyone was hot and sweaty, and overall just flat-out gross.

Also, my feet hurt so bad! I mean, I realized that general admission meant I'd be on my feet the whole time, so I thought I had prepared myself with closed-toe, no-heel shoes, but no. Going into the third hour I wanted to sit on the ground regardless of how nasty I could only imagine it was down there.

If we're being honest here, I was miserable for quite some time while stuck in this basement-like theater with no cell service, but when the real show started it made up for every experience that was making the night so bad.

I definitely don't regret going, but I will say that if the opportunity for another general admission concert ever comes up you will not catch me there.

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