Gender and sex are not the same concept
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Gender and sex are not the same concept

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Gender and sex are not the same concept

There is a lot of talk going around about LGBTQ individuals, and there are more individuals in today’s society than is acceptable that just cannot understand that they simply need to respect individuals, not understand them. It is not about “fixing” people that identify themselves as different than heterosexual. Their choices do not need to make sense to you for you to be a decent person. Whether it is against your religion, morals, or beliefs what harm does someone else’s personal choice do to you? NONE.

But if you can’t take the world and the individuals you share it with as they come, (or believe they only come one way) maybe a little information will help you gain at least a basic understanding of what you are talking about. Maybe if people understand how ridiculous their arguments sound in a logical sense they’ll start to see how they should pick their battles.

It’s not an excuse to disrespect someone else’s identity because you cannot understand it.

Gender is a social construct. You are not born a gender; a gender is an identity society forces on you based on your biological sex. Gender comes with social norms, expectations, stereotypes, limitations, and roles. However, we live in a time in which society is finally breaking the molds that have been forced upon us. Gender is a social construct and it is our choice to conform.

Sex is a biological difference determined by DNA. No it’s not a choice. No it is not an identity. Yes, society has force gender identities onto individuals based on sex, but society is changing—keep up.

Transgender individuals internal gender identity does not correlate to their sex in the way that society has defined as “conventional”. They may choose to get a surgery to make their physical sex match their gender. There is nothing wrong with them—they just don’t fit ridiculous molds that society is slowly leaving behind. Yes, they choose to have surgery but their identity is not a choice, or at least not one they can deny themselves.

Sexual orientation refers to which sex someone is attracted to. Not all beings are preprogramed to procreate. I see no valid complaint about someone else’s personal orientation and identity. If you can agree with the statement “ people have the choice not to have kids” why do you care if they aren’t heterosexual and engaging in acts that could result in kids?

I am just trying to point out the lack of logic in the disrespect I see in society.

For some reason I am under the impression that religious beliefs against non-conventional identities and sexual orientations take precedent over religious morals to “love thy neighbor” and morals to respect all other living beings. How does this make sense? Shouldn’t spreading positivity, love, and good will outweigh convincing other people they are going against your personal beliefs? What goes through people’s minds when they are blatantly disrespectful of people? Oh hey let me just do something I will need to confess in order to tell someone else that they have sinned. Isn’t this kind of like when one kid comes to tell on his friend for going down the street alone after he followed him to tell him he was going to tell. Makes no sense right?—they were technically both wrong. Except in this case only one believes in the rules that claim they are “wrong”.

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