8 iPod Games Everyone Was Obsessed With Growing Up
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8 Games Everyone Had On Their iPod In Middle School

Back when people actually played games on their devices.

8 Games Everyone Had On Their iPod In Middle School

Long ago, before everyone and their infants had iPhones, there were iPods. iPod touches to be exact. Every child born in the late 90's early 00's who had an iPod touch was obsessed with playing games on it. You had two devices on you at all times: your regular flip phone for texting and your iPod touch for music and games. During these similar times, there were games that EVERYONE was obsessed with and played religiously. High scores mattered and recorders were constantly trying to be broken, there were even tricks on how to beat some of the games.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the games we all grew up loving:

1. Subway Surfer

This game right here took up so much of my free time. I was obsessed with "Subway Surfer." In this game, you had to avoid getting hit by the subway oh, so you would have to jump on top of things, slip over barriers and collect coins. The colors were so bright especially when you got the rainbow spray paint jetpack. I was also 19 years old when I discovered that "Subway Surfers" is also an animated series, and they're all on "Youtube."

2. Temple Run

This wasn't just a game, this was a lifestyle. This game gave me an "Indiana Jones" vibe, oh, and I was here for it. Every single one of my classmates in fifth grade was playing this game. I remember people looking up hacks for the game or "YouTube" videos on how to get the highest score. This game was THE game.

3. Fruit Ninja

This was a personal favorite of mine. "Fruit Ninja" was the most satisfying game I played growing up for sure. The fruit would be thrown up onto the screen and you have to slice it in half before it fell out of sight. I loved how you could collect different backgrounds, different types of "slicing", and play mini-games as well. However, at times it was a tiring game required a lot of finger strength. "Fruit Ninja" has also recently created an animated series on "YouTube Red."

4. Unblock Me

This was the game where there were a bunch of wooden blocks blocking an exit. You had to try and get the one red wooden block through the exit by moving the other wooden blocks. I remember when my friend introduced me to this game, it seemed really simple, easy, and fun. As I started to play though, I realize that it was definitely harder than I anticipated. I would spend hours playing this game trying to beat every level and at I definitely got frustrated. I even got my mom into the game.

5. 2048

Not going to lie, I still play this game. The point of the game is to move all the boxes around to equal 2048 without filling up all the blah spaces. I was first introduced to this game on my laptop, I would play during class which probably wasn't a good idea now that I think about it. However, it was still really fun and then one of my friends discovered that there's also an app version of the game. Not only what I play the game at school I'd also play the game at home, on the way to and from school. Everyone was also trying to figure out how to beat the game. There were rumors that you were supposed to keep the highest number in the lower right-hand corner. Other said you were supposed to keep the highest number in the left-hand corner. Everyone was trying to beat the game.

6. Heads Up!

When Ellen DeGeneres dropped this game, sleepovers changed forever. I have so many embarrassing videos of my friends and I playing this game in Middle School. this game is so much fun to play with literally anyone anywhere. From family parties to waiting in long lines at amusement parks, this game was a lifesaver. It made things so much more entertaining! My family loves this game so much we even bought the board game version. Thank you "Heads Up!" for saving my family gatherings from boredom.

7. Candy Crush

"Candy Crush" was the game that literally EVERYONE was obsessed with. All of my friends and even grandmother we're playing this game. My one friend got to level 100 something and I was blown away. they even made candy based off of the game "Candy Crush." This was also one of the first games where people would text me and ask me to send them "Candy Crush" lives on Facebook. this is also the first game that I heard people actually paying real money to play. when people would run out of "Candy Crush" lives they would actually spend their hard-earned money to buy more. this game really did take over the world.

8. Angry Birds

I had to save the best for last, "Angry Birds" was s***! I have no problem admitting that I was obsessed with this game. I would sit there with my cousins and watch them play this game four hours it that entertaining. People would dress like "Angry Birds" for Halloween, they also had a candy created based off of the game, AND there are even "Angry Bird" movies! I don't know what about throwing different colored birds at blocks green pigs is so entertaining, but it is!

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