What scenes were forgotten in Game of Thrones season 8?
"While Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet and Euron's forces, they certainly haven't forgotten about her."

I don't think many fans of 'Game of Thrones' are going to be forgetting Benioff's poor explanations of character actions from the Inside the Episode featurettes anytime soon. There are even videos parodying the "forgot" excuse out there now.

Many fans have been disappointed by this last season. While some felt that the storylines were foreshadowed, but poorly developed; others felt that some just came completely out of nowhere. I think one thing that many can agree on is that it felt rushed. Six episodes don't seem to have been enough to really wrap up all of the individual plot lines and character arcs.

Maybe the writers just 'forgot' to include some of these pivotal moments:

1. What was with the spirals the White Walkers left?

the scouts find finding House Umber


Watching the first episode of season 8 after seeing how it all ends... just left me more disappointed. Everything just fell flat after episode three. So what's with the spirals left by the White Walkers? Maybe the spin-off will go into these details because we really didn't get anything out of this finale. Some have theorized it represents that Targaryen symbol, but what does that have to do with the White Walkers. We all thought this scene was a terrifying representation of the White Walkers, but now it feels like it was meant to foreshadow Dany more than anything.

2. How did the characters react when they found out Arya killed the White Walkers?


We saw the funeral pyres post-Battle of Winterfell, but we didn't see the characters' reaction to finding out Arya is the one who dealt the final blow. The only living person who witnessed it was Bran. So how did Sansa react? Daenerys? Jon? I was bummed that we never got to see how everyone found out about her BA moment.

3. What was even the point of the White Walker plot line? 

Cersei came out right.


Honestly, what was the point of the White Walkers? They barely killed any major characters and Cersei ended up coming out as the most intelligent character here. She didn't care about humanity, so she didn't involve herself in the fight. Some people theorized that the White Walker army would hit Winterfell while the Night King would fly south on Viserion. This would have made the White Walkers that much more of a threat. I guess that they were playing this season up for Daenerys to be the real villain, but it's pretty frustrating that there were no consequences to Cersei deciding to not get involved.

4. Jon isn't the only one who has ridden a dragon.


After the Battle of Winterfell, Tormund praised Jon for riding a dragon. Maybe he just 'forgot' that he has also ridden a dragon when they escaped the White Walkers at the end of season 7. Hey, he was drunk, guess I can forgive him.

5. Bronn's weird season 8 story line.


Bronn's arc through season 8 was kind of weird. Cersei hires him to kill Jamie and Tyrion. He randomly shows up after the Battle of Winterfell. It just felt like an afterthought. I didn't really think he would kill Jamie or Tyrion, so it just felt pointless.

6. Sansa and Arya's reactions to Jon's secret.


I guess the writers were just trying to be suspenseful, but episode 4 was full of SO MUCH FILLER. So many of the scenes from episode 4 were just wastes of time. I would have loved to have seen the sisters' reactions to Jon's news, not just the aftermath. I'd rather spend time on these important moments.

7. How Euron's fleet overtook Daenerys'.


Another intense scene in episode 4 that took up less screen time than the filler moments. I know it was supposed to be suspenseful and lead up to the reveal of Missandei having been taken hostage, but I would have liked to see how Euron's fleet managed to completely overtake Daenerys' ship, especially since they failed so spectacularly in the next episode.

8. When did Dany's armies replenish?


Maybe it's just because it was so hard to see, but we really thought a lot more Unsullied and Dothraki died at the Battle of Winterfell. However, after the Battle of King's Landing, Daenerys's army still looked really impressive. It was just a little confusing.

9. What happened after Jon killed Daenerys?


So, did Jon confess? Or did they find him alone in the throne room? Everyone knows that Jon killed Daenerys, but it would have been nice to see how that happened. We just jumped from this scene to the next. Suspenseful? Not really, just confusing.

10. How did the council assemble? Who decided who was going to be there to get Tyrion? Why did Grey Worm bring Tyrion and not Jon?


The whole council scene was just confusing. How did we get here? How did they decide who was going to be there?

Whether you were satisfied with the finale or not, there's no denying that season 8 felt rushed. I wish more time had been spent on the story and wrapping up the characters than useless fan-service that did nothing to further the plot. The scene between Jamie and Brienne, for example, just felt more confusing after the way Jamie's story ended. It didn't make any sense to include scenes like this that did nothing to further the plot when you're in the midst of trying to wrap up a story.

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