If you watched Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 "The Long Night" the odds that you have very serious opinions are pretty freaking high. Those opinions likely range from "Wow, what a great 80 minutes of scripted television!" all the way to "Well, that's it. I give up on this goddamn show."

I get it guys, you really thought the Night King was the big bad. He's been portrayed as an insurmountable evil for years and now when he has the end of the world in his grasp, he's snuffed out by a sneak attack. You thought that maybe someone you really loved was going to die (because apparently, ya'll don't give a fuck about Jorah Mormont or Theon Greyjoy, but okay) and then they survived. You're upset because the fight that took place you know, at night, was hard to see -- although really you should be angry at your shitty TV for that one.

But what is really itching at me is that it feels to me like the reason you're really angry is that you thought Jon was going to be the hero he's always been, only to be saved, quite literally, by Arya Stark and Arya Stark alone. Shocker, I know. it?

Arya has spent basically the entirety of the past 9 years becoming the deadliest assassin in Westeros. The Red Woman told her a prophecy about the eyes she would forever close; blue eyes. The show foreshadowed this event time and time again and still, you guys are having trouble accepting Arya could achieve such utter badassery.

Okay, maybe your argument is this: Jon Snow is the one true king, he has worked mercilessly over the course of the series to protect mankind from the Army of the Dead, he was brought back to life for Christ's sake! But think back on all of the times Jon Snow has saved the Seven Kingdoms. If you look back on every major moment in Jon Snow's arc, he was saved by a woman. This Twitter user breaks it down rather well:

I know it's hard to handle, but maybe Jon Snow isn't the greatest hero. Maybe the underlying theme of this entire show is that no strong man can exist without the aide of the women who rally around him. Maybe you need to admit in your frustration with Arya's incredible defeat of the Night King that your misogyny is showing.

We shouldn't be frustrated or angry that Arya Stark killed the Night King, but instead celebrating the phenomenal storytelling that brought us such a cinematic and empowering moment in television. Plus, the SEASON ISN'T OVER and if we know anything about Game of Thrones, we know the writers are pretty good at inducing serious shock and awe.

Basically, stop being mad at Arya Stark and start praying she'll put on Jaime's face and kill Cersei, am I right?!