1. It's Lucrative

While it's not the most important aspect of game development, it's definitely worth mentioning, entry-level game developers' salaries start at about $40k. You don't have to make it to a triple-A company to make good money. And if you do, you're set.

2. It's Fun

I'd say this is the most important and most attractive aspect of a game development career; It's fun! You get to develop video games and play them while you develop them. How awesome is that? Have you ever thrown so much time and effort into a college project, or any other project really, and just marveled at the end result? Imagine getting paid top dollar to do that.

3. It's In Demand

Game Development and the rest of the Information Technology field is not going anywhere. According to inc.com, last year Information Technology was the fourth most lucrative industry in the world- not America, the world. Sure, game development is just a sliver of Information Technology, but, as you'll see in my next point, it's all relative. By the way, you can check out that inc.com article here.

4. Your Degree is Versatile

Say you're not feeling game development, but your 80% finished with your program. Doesn't matter. The program covers a ton of fields in the Information Technology realm not limited to just creating video games. I've found there is a lot more than you would think that goes into developing a video game, and those skills can be translated elsewhere.

5. Work Remotely

The great thing about game development is that it's a technology-driven field. That means there's a very good chance of being able to work remotely. One of the hardest parts of following through with a career path is deciding if you want to relocate. There are so many variables that you have to take into consideration. Maybe you have a family member that needs taking care of. Maybe you just bought a house. Maybe you don't want to leave your friends. Maybe your partner doesn't want to leave. All of these scenarios cause role conflict. Do I sell the house I just bought? Do I split with my girlfriend? As a game developer, you may not have to. Working remotely isn't a sure thing, but it's definitely an available option.

6. Team Building Skills

This is where working in a remote setting becomes really cool. I'm currently in a course where my classmates and I have been split up into four teams. It's honestly one of the best experiences I've been a part of in my academic AND social life (I know, I'm a geek). We set up a group chat account, have a team logo, have meetings, and all share/update a video game we're working on- just like in a real-world setting. The team building skills learned here are priceless and will translate to any type of team setting, whether it's on a baseball field or at a day job, the concepts are the same. It's just the criteria that are different.

7. Do What You Love

I'm gonna' drop the old cliché here- do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. It's cliché, but it's true.

8. It's Diverse

Going back to point number four, versatility. The program covers a diverse group of subjects that all go into game development but can be used in other concentrated fields such as Graphic Design, Animation, Project Management, Web Development, and so much more...

Game on!

Bill is a 31-year-old writer/game developer from Boston, Massachusetts. He's a content creator in Southern New Hampshire University's Odyssey community, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and is wrapping up his Game Development program in October 2018. With an Associate's in Liberal Arts and a forthcoming BS in Game Development, he is ready to excel in the gaming industry. Outside of work, Bill can be found supporting local bands in the greater Boston area.