We all know of Valentine's day is coming up on the 14th of February, but have you heard of GALENTINE'S DAY?! If you're reading this then you most likely have. If not, then Galentine's Day is on the 13th of February to celebrate your love for your favorite gal pal(s)!

If you're anything like me and love your best friends and don't even know what you would do without them -- then here are ten things that you purchase or DIY of ~love~ for your perfect BFF!

1. Her Favorite Candy... but in a Mason Jar!


Tie a little bow around the top and I'm sure she'll be think it's super cute. Plus it's her favorite treat!

2. A Coloring Book (for Adults)


Even your best friends need to take breathers and destress! Why not by channeling her inner creative soul and color away?

3. Jewelry


C'mon... Every girl loves jewelery! Why not spoil your best friend with some new jewelry that can go with any outfit!

4. Concert Tickets

Not only would your BFF love waving her hands and dancing to some fun music, so would you! Surprise your BFF with some tickets your guys' favorite artist and just jam out!

5. A Tile

Does your BFF lose everything she ever owns in the club, at home, at school, in her messy car? Get her a freaking tile. These things can be placed on her key chain, her cat's collar, whatever you want. Download the app and you can find anything it's hooked up to!